Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: more on the evil harry s. truman
From: (Nick Lubofsky)
Date: 1990-04-17, 19:40

This is Mallory - not Nick.  More reasons for the sheriff to have
"done it."  He is working so closely to Kyle that the second the
investigation sniffs anywhere close to the truth he can quickly cover
it up.  In fact, Kyle might know the whole time it is him, but wants
to find out more about his cocaine trafficking.  Oops, I'm jumping the

Harry might be trafficking the cocaine, which is probably the
reason for the FBI investigation in the first place.  I'm not an
authority, but would the FBI even get involved with just a couple of
local murders? But cocaine is a different story.  Especially if it's
major trafficking.  

This fits in well with the idea of a phony cult which can be a big cover up for
the cocaine trafficking.  The murders were done to fit the stereotype
of your average devil worshipping cult, and could have been ordered by
Harry, yet carried out by the truck driver, who's slimy enough to do
anything for a buck.  So, we have the evil sheriff having the truck
driver do all of his dirty work as a cover up for the drug
trafficking which, as someone pointed out earlier, is probably made
easier by the truck.  The sherrif also seemed to know exactly who the
guy was talking about, when, in the first episode, he called up the
sheriff and said, "She's dead."

Whatcha think?  Any contradictions from the plot line?  Let me know.