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Subject: Re: necklaces
From: sandell@ferret.Berkeley.EDU (Greg Sandell)
Date: 1990-04-17, 11:37

In article <>, (Daniel Palmer) writes: (Cliff Joslyn) writes:
>> > > 
>> > > OK, check me on this: the FBI *has* one half, recovered near the murder
>> > > site.  The other half began with the boyfriend, then the boyfriend and
>> > > the victim's girlfriend burried it together in the woods, where it was
>> > > picked up by the wigged out doctor.  The victim had been sending him
>> > > tapes about her walks in the woods.
>> > > 

Does anybody remember who's idea it was to bury it under the rock?
If it was the victim's girlfriend who thought of the rock, there's
always the possibility (okay, not very likely) that that was a
`special' location that she and her (now dead) girlfriend knew
about.  And, that the psychiatrist knew about it, too.

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