Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: An answer & a question
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1990-04-19, 09:19

	Last night I talked to Scott Frost, Mark's brother,
	and confirmed this answer:

	What happens in the future has nothing to do with the
	murderer revealed in the European pilot.  They had completed
	the pilot without knowing that it was to be distributed in
	Europe as a videotape; the folks involved with that declared
	that they needed an ending, so they quickly trumped up an
	ending for the European tape.

	About tonight's program, #3...

	It promises that extra touch that comes from being directed
	by David Lynch.

	I asked "Can you suggest something to look for in #3 that
	can be disclosed without causing a serious bean spill?"

	Answer:  "Let me think a minute...  Look for what the
	relation is between Agent Cooper and the Dalai Lama."

	Dalai Lama?????

Paul Raveling