Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Discussion of clues
From: (bradley alan music)
Date: 1990-04-19, 21:21

Just saw #3 (including pilot); wow!  I love this show.

1- Ed and sheriff Truman have something (possibly) illicit going on; otherwise
why wouldn't he have told Cooper about Ed's being slipped a Mickey the night
of the fight in the bar/stakeout?  At least I assume he didn't tell Cooper; 
Ed clearly didn't want to tell Truman while Cooper was around.  What's up
here?  Was Laura's nosetap in the dream tipping Cooper off about this?

2- The girl in shock (Ronnette P.) worked at "the perfume counter" until 
recently.  Ring a bell?  The new girl in the whorehouse was described as
`fresh from the perfume counter', or something like that.  Sounds like 
a recruitment office for One-Eyed Jack's.  
  Assume for a moment that Laura was working at the bordel; this *could*
	- why she had sex with 3 men that night
	- why Audrey's father "sang to her".  In the bordel, he waxed
	  poetic with the Madame.  If he were one of Laura's clients,
	  he may have been enamoured and sung `to' her in Audrey's
	  hearing.  And yet he showed *so*little* surprise when he 
	  heard Laura was found dead, which is itself suspicious.

In any case, I think that perfume counter business is a clear link between
Ronnette and the bordel.

3- Who do you think that other guy in the woods with Leo was?  possibly the
one Laura's mom sees and agent Cooper dreamed about...?

4- I think there's only one necklace.  The Doc just happened to be cruising
around the woods (maybe because he knew from the tapes that Laura hung out
in that area?) and saw/overheard Donna and James.  I think he's in love
with Laura, and he may be the Mystery Man she refers to.

Other clues yet to be discussed here are why Laura broke up with
James *that*night*, why Leo returned early from his trip,
the link to the other murder, the midget,... damn, there are a lot!

And my most oft repeated question whilst viewing; why don't Ed and Shelley
leave their respectively schizo and sadistic mates?  Geez.

- Brad