Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: More speculation
From: t45126@iemisi.dhc (John Durko)
Date: 1990-04-19, 06:10

Here are some more thoughts and possibilities.

1. The attacks on the two girls are not related.  Leo raped the second girl and
   that is why he had blood on his shirt.  The magazine in the safety deposit
   box look like a place where people advertise for sex.  Leo advertised in
   there and when he checked out his own ad, he recognised a girl from his
   own town and gave her a call.

2. The killer must be someone that we know because i can't beleive that
   david lynch would pull in some unknown person and an unrelated satanic
   plot just to provide us with someone to pin the blame on.  Therefore maybe
   the dream people (the indian looking guy and possibly the one armed man) are
   symbols for someone else.  For example, there are two other indians in the
   story, Hawk and the loony brother at the lodge (Have we ever actually had
   a good look at him??).

3. What excuse is special agent cooper going to use to hang around after the
   killer is found in order to continue the series as we know it??  (is there
   such thing as an FBI regular agent?)