Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Lost in those woods and Mystery Man
From: (Dave Mack)
Date: 1990-04-19, 17:43

In article <> (Bruce Bernhardt) writes:
> >In an earlier article Dave Mack ( quotes from the tape
> >to Dr. Jacoby from Laura:
> >
> >%"James is sweet but he's so dumb. I should have met you a long time ago,
> >%Dr. Jacoby, because right now I can take just so much sweet. I just
> >%know I'm gonna get lost in those woods again tonight, I just know it.
> >%Remember me telling you about that Mystery Man? Well..."
> >
> >%I assumed from this that Dr. Jacoby is helping Laura act out some of
> >%her not-so-sweet fantasies, one of which involves meeting the Mystery
> >%Man in the woods.
> >
> >Could "lost in those woods tonight" be getting high on cocaine? Since
> >Laura's mother is a psychic, Laura may be somewhat psychic also. This man
> >might come to her in her dreams (which she would be telling the doctor
> >about) or in her cocaine induced altered state. The doctor could be
> >providing her with the drugs as part of her "therapy"; which he told the
> >sheriff her parents didn't know about.

I'm not convinced that Sarah Palmer's visions are anything more than
hallucinations brought on by grief over the death of her daughter.

As for the cocaine angle, Laura, Mike and Bobby are supposed to
deliver $20,000 to Leo. This is about what a pound of cocaine
would cost. I suspect that she didn't need to get it from Dr. Jacoby.

Jacoby's behavior, both in the hospital when he first met Cooper, and
later while he was listening to her tape, suggests that his relationship
with Laura was sexual. Both the tone and phrasing of Laura's message
to Jacoby made it sound like an invitation to meet her in the woods
the night of her murder. A pre-planned meeting with Dr. Jacoby would
also explain Laura's abrupt exit at the light at Spark's Wood and 21,
when she left James Hurley. She didn't want to be late for her 1 AM
appointment with the Mystery Man.

-- Dave Mack