Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Tonight's episode
From: (Scott James Ladewig)
Date: 1990-04-19, 20:16

A couple things got me wondering tonight.
1st:  We hear Horne telling his brother Jerry that there
      is a new girl at One-Eyed Jack's who is fresh from
      the perfume counter.  Then we hear that Ronette had
      just quit her job at the perfume counter in a local
      store. Hmmm.
2nd:  Audrey Horne aska Donna if Laura ever spoke about her
      father.  Maybe she was working at One-Eyed Jack's for
      a while? What was he singing to her?
3rd:  Wer hear Audrey refer to the music as being quite dreamy
      (which it is) and then in Agent Cooper's dream the midget
      talks about there always being music where he and the Laura
      thing come from.  dreamy music...same music in a dream?
and I know it has been posted, but what is the name of the album with
the music from the show on it?
Scott "Cheesehead" Ladewig