Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 3rd episode and Blue Velvet
Date: 1990-04-20, 11:38

Wow.  Lynch just keeps giving us these wonderful thematic connections to worry
over.  In the beginning of the third episode, the weird brother comes back from
Paris (I don't remember if he's Ben or Jerry), and he puts down this package
wrapped in plastic wrap, a close-up of which links him to the body and the
murder.  But THEN, the first thing he says is "This is the best DAMN sandwich
I've ever eaten" which immediately makes up think of Cooper and links him to
the cops as well!

Is it just me, or wasn't the girl in the dream the same person as the new girl
at One-eyed Jack's (who also looks a lot like Laura Palmer)?  And what the hell
was going on with the dialogue in that dream?????  Why slow down normal English
and then give us subtitles?

To whoever said that they saw Blue Velvet and were surprised at the happy
ending: I suggest you see it again.  The point was to show how phony happy
endings are.  The robin that they watch in the end of the film is obviously
stuffed!  And along those same lines, did anyone else feel that several of the
establishing shots in last night's episode were intentionally flat and
fake-looking?  Weird.

Note the flickering lights in the dream sequence, recalling the Log Lady
flickering the lights at the town meeting, which in turn recalled the
flickering fluorescent lights in the morgue.  Seems like some kind of
consistent evocation of death.

What's going on with the music?  I love it, but what's going on, y'know?

After tonight's episode, I think it's quite possible that Leo is (at least one
of) the murderer(s).  It would be just like Lynch to shatter convention by
making the obvious suspect the killer.  On the other hand, we still don't know
enough about Killer Bob to know what's up with him.

-- Andy