Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 4/19 ^ Twin Peaks ^ (long)
From: (Dave Brennan)
Date: 1990-04-20, 17:11

Spoilers abound... get out now!

Well this was certainly an interesting episode (directed by Lynch too!).
I watched intently since I don't have a VCR, and have a whold bunch of

    It interesting that nobody on the net noticed all the "J"s that Laura
could have been referring to in her diary.  (At least I never saw a posting
mentioning that idea.)  I liked Cooper's stone throwing escapade.  I think
the last throw that broke the bottle would have been more dramatic if he
hadn't told Lucy to note that it didn't break.  Kinda looks like they're
still trying to make Leo look guilty.  I think it was a nice twist the way
that the "Jack with one eye" was erased from the list.  I'm attributing the
broken bottle to this entry from Cooper's list!  Also interesting was that
Jerry Horne _wasn't_ on the list.

     Someone mentioned the possibility of Donna's father (Will) being the
killer.  This idea is looking good considering the strange way he asked
James if he was going to go to church with them.  Being religious, he
wouldn't have liked Laura's lifestyle. (BTW, now we know that this episode
occurred on a Saturday.  Was the day revealed in the pilot or last weeks

     I liked the use of the flashlights in the woods.  I don't understand
how the football ended up on the hood of the car, unless there was another
football.  The one they pulled out of the tree was on the ground at their
feet.  There's no way Leo or the person behind the tree could have beat
Bobby and Mike back to the car.

     I thought shot of Laura's picture with blood all over it was powerful.
What an excellent idea.  I kind of suspected that it would break, but
didn't anticipate the blood.

     Why did Cooper blow that whistle before the phone rang?  He seemed to
know that someone was going to call.

     Nadine (the one eyed lady) is pretty strong judging from the way she
destroyed that rowing machine.  She's also psychotic.

Stuart Lynne ( wrote "And the ending is just weird."

     I'll say!  What was with this?  All the red, Cooper's appearance, and
the almost backwards words made it very hell-like.  I couldn't make any
sense of it at all.  Any takers?

     Pete's remark about "fish trouble" made me laugh.

     Drat!  No Log Lady this week.

Did you notice...

     ...the donut setup (again) next to the blackboard.

     ...the ominous turn the music took just before Donna and James kissed?
It seemed "lighter" until they decided they loved each other.  Hmmmm.

     ...the way Audry was rubbing her hand around the rim of the coffee cup
as she talked about Cooper?  What's with that "dance" of her's too?

     ...that Lucy was reading a book on Tibet when "Albert and the team"
(that's A-L-B-E-R-T) arrived at the police station?  Gotta love these
details.  (Harry told him off good too!)

    And some other comments:

Eli Posner ( writes:

> > The way Truman acted upon getting that phone call was pretty weird. Instead
> > of asking 'who died' he asks 'where'. Why does he tell his secretary not to
> > tell anyone? It seems that he and Packard were expecting this.

and Wayne Mesard ( writes:

> > I wrote that off to Lynch weirdness.  That's the most frustrating thing.
> > There's virtually no difference between suspicious behavior and "Mood".

     Remember there are 51,201 people in Twin Peaks.  I wouldn't expect the
Sheriff to assume that Pete recognized the body.  Seems OK to me.

Michael J. Carlin ( mentions the Norwegians.

     This has some potential.  To them, Audry's mentioning the murder
would scare Sven if he did it.  Somehow, though, I don't think they're who
Cooper's going to "reveal" in the morning.
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