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Subject: Episode 3 and Cooper's dream
From: chris@bullwinkle.UUCP (Chris Andersen (The Dangerous Guy))
Date: 1990-04-20, 09:22
Reply-to: chris@toontown.UUCP (Chris Andersen (The Dangerous Guy))

Now this has to have been the weirdest episode so far.  What with Cooper's
"method" for narrowing down the list of suspects and his rather revealing
dream (the sequence which was his most "Eraserhead" like so far).

For those who are interested, I played the dream sequence over several times
and wrote it down:

	[ Open on Cooper sitting in a chair in a red curtained room.  He looks
	  over and sees someone with their back turned to him.  He is wearing
	  a red jacket he looks strangely distorted and is quivering.  We hear 
	  a strange shuffling sound, plus someone crying out in muffled tones: 
	  "Laura! Laura!" ]

	[ Flash Through: several short, almost subliminal, scenes:

		Laura's mom descending a staircase
		Man (Bob) at the foot of the bed (from Laura's mom's visions)
		Murder scene (lots of blood)
		Laura's dead body ]

	[ Cut To: The one armed man (Mike) standing in a dark room (possibly
	  the morgue?) ]

	Mike:	Through the darkness of future past
		The magician longs to see
		One chance opts(?) between two worlds

		We lived among the people
		I think you say "Convenience Store"
		We lived above it
		I mean it like it is, and it sounds

		I too have been touched by the devilish one
		Tatooed on the left shouldier
		Oh, but when I saw the face of God.
		I was changed

		I took the entire arm off

		My name is Mike
		His name is Bob

	[ Cut To: "Bob" (man at foot of bed in previous vision) in another dark
	  room (from all the pipes I'd guess a boiler room?) ]

	Bob:	Mike!  Mike!
		Can you hear me?

		Catch you with my death bag  (I have no idea what this means)

		You may think I've gone insane
		But I promise, I will kill again

	[ Cut To: Circle of candles being blown out ]

	[ Cut Back To: red curtained room with Cooper in chair.  Again we hear
	  rubbing sound.  He sees the man with his back turned to him again.
	  He then looks over and sees Laura Palmer (or someone who looks like 
	  Laura Palmer) sitting in another chair, looking at him.  

	  The man turns around and we discover he is a dwarf (explains the
	  weird distortion effect) (Personal note: I found the picture of the 
	  back of the man extremely uncomfortable to the eyes because he was 
	  wearing a red jacket that blended into the background, he was a
	  dwarf (which made it look like the picture was distorted), and he
	  was quivering (from rubbing his hands).  Excellent use of visuals.) 
	  I believe the dwarf is listed in the credits as "The Man From 
	  The dwarf speaks in a strangely distorted speech that is some weird
	  form of backward masking.  However, some of the words sound like
	  they are being played forward.  As he speaks there are subtitles 
	  translating what he says.  Also, the film of him seems to be playing
	  backwards at some points]

	Dwarf:	Let's Rock!

	[ He sits down and begins rubbing his hands again, but slowly this
	  time.  Cooper looks over at Laura(?) and she touches her finger to
	  her nose.  In the background we see the shadow of something pass
	  across the curtain (a bird?) ]

	Dwarf:	I've got good news.
		That gum you like is going to come back in style.

		[Looks at Laura] She's my cousin.

		[Looks at Cooper] But doesn't she look almost exactly like
		Laura Palmer?

	Cooper: [normal, non-distorted voice] But, it is Laura Palmer.
		[To Laura] Are you Laura Palmer?

	Laura: 	[distorted voice with subtitles, like dwarf] I feel like I know
		her, but sometimes my arms bend back.

	Dwarf:	She's filled with secrets

		Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song
		And there's always music in the air.

		[ dreamy jazz music starts and dwarf gets up and starts dancing
		  around the room ]

		[ Laura gets up and walks over to Cooper, kisses him, and then
		  whispers something in his ear. ]

	Cooper then wakes up and calls the Sherrif, telling him that he knows
	who killed Laura Palmer but that it can wait till morning.  Fade out
	on him snapping his fingers to the beat of the dreamy jazz music in
	his dream.
-- Chris Andersen (..!uunet!sequent!toontown!chris) "life is like arriving late for a movie, having to figure out what was going on without bothering everybody with a lot of questions, and then being unexpectedly called away before you find out how it ends."