Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Episode 3 Questions
From: CHRIS@NUACC.ACNS.NWU.EDU (Christopher Krohn)
Date: 1990-04-20, 10:02

     Just when I think I have things figured out, Lynch has to go and 
throw that dream sequence in!  What a fantastic scene!  But, there are a 
couple of things I just can't figure out.  Anyone who has solid ideas as 
to the answers, please post.

1.  Who is the dwarf supposed to be?  He says that where he and the girl 
(maybe Laura maybe
her cousin) come from, there is music playing all the time.  Is this 
supposed to be some reference to a spritual world, or something more 
mundane like a bar or maybe a *bordello*?

2.  Who was the dude with the beard that spoke to Cooper in the dream?  He 
said something like that he had been touched by the evil one as well.  
What does that mean?

3.  In the dream, the blonde guy who swore he would kill again I *think* 
is the same guy that Laura's mother had the hallucinations about.  He 
would seem to be the murderer, but what is his relation to the one-armed 

4.  What was said about the one-armed man in the dream?  I recall that he 
was mentioned, either by the guy with the beard or the blonde killer dude, 
but I don't remember the specifics, and I didn't tape the episode.

Confused Again,
Chris Krohn