Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: facts to date
Date: 1990-04-20, 15:24

MEMO TO:  FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper
RE:  Twin Peaks case to date

Here are the developemnts to date in the "Twin Peaks" case.  I have
placed them in relational database format, as usual.  I would have done
more, but Albert has been a pain.  You know how that is.  Mail me a
cassette with your comments, and I will include them in my next update. 
Sorry about the typos....  How was the coffee at the Great Northern? 
You never mentioned it.

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cat << \SHAR_EOF > people
Laura:Laura Palmer:18:F:Sheryl Lee:Dead Girl
Laura2::18:F:Sheryl Lee:Exact look alike to laura
MrPalmer:Leland Palmer:45:M:Ray Wise:
MrsPalmer:Sarah Palmer:45:F:Grace Zabriskie:
OtherWoman::55:F:Unknown:neighbor/friend of Palmers
Donna:Donna Hayward:18:F:Lara Flynn Boyle:
Doc:Dr. Will Hayward:50:M:Warren Frost:
MrsHayward:Eileen Hayward:50:M:Mary Jo Deschanel:Wheelchair bound
Harriet:Harriet Hayward:15:F:Jessica Wallenfels:
Bobby:Bobby Briggs:18:M:Dana Ashbrook:Bopper
MrBriggs:Mr. Briggs:50:M:Don Davis:Major USAF
MrsBriggs:Elizabeth Briggs:50:F:Charlotte Stewart:
Mike:Mike A:18:M:Gary Hershberger:Snake
James:James Hurley:18:M:James Marshall:
MrsHurley:Mrs. Hurley::F:Unknown:
Ed:Edward Hurley:40:M:Everett McGill:Mechanic
Patch:Nadine Hurley:37:F:Wendy Robie:Eye-patch
Norma:Norma Jennings:35:F:Peggy Lipton:Owner of Double R Diner
Hank:Henry Jennings:32:M:Unknown:Incarcerated for manslaughter
Cooper:Dale Cooper:35:M:Kyle McLachlan:FBI Special Agent
Sheriff:Harry S. Truman:37:M:Michael Ontkean:Badge number 289
Jocelyn:Jocelyn Packard:35:F:Joan Chen:owner of packard saw mill
Packard:Andrew Packard:45:M:Unknown:dead
Catherine:Catherine Martell:50:F:Piper Laurie:sister of andrew packard
Pete:Pete Martell:55:F:Jack Nance:fisherman
Leo:Leo Johnson:25:M:Eric Da Re:Truck driver
Shelly:Shelly Johnson:25:F:Madchen Amick:Waitress
Ben:Benjamin Horne:45:M:Richard Beymer:Real-estate tycoon
Jerry:Jerry Horne:45:M:David Patrick Kelly:Real-estate tycoon
MrsHorne:Sylvia Horne:45:F:Jan D'Arcy:
Audrey:Audrey Horne:18:F:Sherilyn Fenn:Sexually precocious child
Johnny:Johnny Horne:27:M:Robert Bauer:Retarded child
Concierge:Julie B:40:F:Unknown:Concierge at Great Northern
Lucy:Lucy Morgan:28:F:Kimmie Robertson:Police Dispatcher
Andy:Andy Cop:30:M:Harry Goaz:Crying cop
Hawk:Hawk Cop:30:M:Michael Horse:American Indian cop
Ronnie:Ronnette Pulaski:18:F:Phoebe Augustine:third victim
MrPulaski:Janek Pulaski:50:M:Rick Tutor / Alan Ogle:works at saw mill
MrsPulaski:Suburbis Pulaski:50:M:Michele Milatoni:
LogLady:Log Lady:42:F:Catherine E Coulson:carries a log around
MrX::::Unknown:The Gloved Hand at the end of Episode 1
Jim::30:M:Unknown:Hospital pathologist
DrJacoby:Dr. Lawrence Jacoby:50:M:Russ Tamblyn:Hospital psychiatrist
DrShelby:Dr. Shelby:40:F:Unknown:Ronni's Doctor
Fielding:Joe Fielding::M:Unknown:pathologist from fairvale that did
laura's autopsey
OneArm:Mike:50:M:Al Strobel:one-armed man who wanders hospital
KillerBob:Bob:60:M:Frank Silva:aparition to Mrs Palmer, vaguely American
Indian looking
AnotherMan:Man from another place:50:M:Michael J' Andeau:dwarf
Principal:MrQ:50:M:Unknown:High school principal
SecretaryofQ::35:F:Unknown:Principal's secretary
Teacher::35:F:Unknown:Homeroom teacher
Joey:Joey Balsam:18:M:Unknown:Biker
Jacques:Jacques Renaut::M:Unknown:bar tender at roadhouse
Diane::::Unknown:Cooper's secretary
Albert:Albert Rosenfield::M:Unknown:FBI agent also working on murders
Bankwoman::35:F:Unknown:The Banker
Otherwaitress::20:F:Unknown:German waitress at Double R
Mayor::65:M:Unknown:The mayor
Teressa:Teressa Banks::F:Unknown:the first victim
Swabbie:::M:Charlie Spradling:
Kim:Kim:23:F:Kim Lentz:Bartender at One Eyed Jack
Blackie::40:F:Victoria Catlin?:madame of One Eyed Jack
NewGirl:Trudy:21:F:Jill Rogoshek:new girl at One Eyed Jack
cat << \SHAR_EOF > groups
# gid:relation:reldata:people
# gid - a unique name for the relation - often created from the primary
#	name and the type
# relation - the type of the relation
#		group family married dating affair prospect
#		business friend enemy doctor police dialogue none
# reldata - description
# people list of people
# Global Relationships
locals:group:Inhabitants of Twin Peaks: Laura MrPalmer MrsPalmer
OtherWoman Donna Doc MrsHayward Harriet Bobby MrBriggs MrsBriggs Mike
James MrsHurley Ed Patch Norma Hank Sheriff Jocelyn Packard Catherine
Pete Leo Shelly Ben MrsHorne Audrey Johnny Concierge Lucy Andy Hawk
Ronnie MrPulaski MrsPulaski LogLady Jim DrJacoby DrShelby OneArm
KillerBob Principal SecretaryofQ Joey Scotty Teacher BankWoman
Otherwaitress Mayor
outsiders:group:Everyone else:Cooper Diane Teressa AnotherMan
schoolmates:group:Students at the high school: Laura Donna Bobby Mike
James Audrey Ronnie Joey Scotty
bikers:group:The friendly biker gang:James Joey Scotty
norwegians:group:norwegian developers:
ladies:group:women of the One Eyed Jack:Blackie Kim NewGirl

# Laura's Relationships
palmer-family:family:The Palmer family:MrPalmer MrsPalmer Laura
laura-dating:dating:Openly Dating:Bobby Laura
laura-friend:friend:Best friends:Donna Laura
laura-affair:affair:Bobby doesn't know:James Laura
laura-none:none::Laura Ronnie
laura-doctor:business:No one knew:DrJacoby Laura
laura-tutor:business:helped him three times a week:Laura Johnny
laura-teach:business:helped her twice a week:Laura Jocelyn
laura-volunteer:business:helped with meals-on-wheels:Laura Norma

# Mr. Palmer's Relationships
land-dealers:business:Selling resort deals:MrPalmer Ben
palmer-married:married::MrPalmer MrsPalmer

# Mrs. Palmer's Relationships
palmer-neighbor:friend:comfoted mrs palmer:Otherwoman MrsPalmer

# Donna's Relationships
hayward-family:family:The Hayward Family:Doc MrsHayward Donna Harriet
donna-friend:friend::James Donna
donna-dating:dating:Openly Dating:Mike Donna
donna-affair:prospect::James Donna

# Doc's Relationships
doc-married:married:The Hayward Family:Doc MrsHayward

# Mrs. Hayward's Relationships

# Harriet's Relationships

# Bobby's relationships
briggs-family:family:The Briggs family:MrBriggs MrsBriggs Bobby
bobby-friend:friend:school chum:Bobby Mike
bobby-enemy:enemy:he thinks he's the killer:Bobby James
bobby-police:police:possible suspect:Bobby Sheriff Cooper
bobby-affair:affair::Shelly Bobby

# Mr. Briggs's Relationships
briggs-married:married::MrBriggs MrsBriggs

# Mrs. Briggs's Relationships

# Mike A's Relationships

# James Hurley's Relationships
james-police:police:suspect:James Sheriff Cooper
james-family:family:The Hurley Family:James MrsHurley Ed Nadine
james-uncle:family:The Hurley Family:James Ed

# Mrs. Hurley's Relationships

# Edward Hurley's Relationships
ed-married:married:The Hurley Family:Ed Nadine
ed-affair:affair::Norma Ed
ed-undercover:police:ed on a stakeout:Ed Sheriff Hawk

# Nadine Hurley's Relationships

# Norma Jennings's Relationships
norma-married:married:husband in jail:Norma Hank
norma-dinner:business:owner of Double R Diner:Norma Shelly Otherwaitress

# Henry Jennings's Relationships

# Dale Cooper's Relationships
tape-recorder:business::Cooper Diane
fbi:business:people investigating the murders:Cooper Albert

# Harry S. Truman's Relationships
sheriff-dating:dating::Sheriff Jocelyn
sheriff-station:business::Sheriff Lucy Andy Hawk

# Jocelyn Packard's Relationships
jocelyn-married:married:andrew packard's widow:Jocelyn Packard
jocelyn-mill:business:Owner of Mill:Jocelyn Catherine Pete

# Andrew Packard's Relationships
packard-sister:family:The Packard Family:Packard Catherine

# Catherine Martell's Relationships
catherine-married:married::Catherine Pete
catherine-affair:affair::Catherine Ben

# Mr. Martell's Relationships

# Leo Johnson's Relationships
leo-married:married:The Johnson Family:Leo Shelly
leo-crime:business:drug deals?:Leo Mike Bobby

# Shelly Johnson's Relationships

# Benjamin Horne's Relationships
ben-married:married::Ben MrsHorne
ben-family:family:The Horne Family:Ben MrsHorne Audrey Johnny

# Mrs. Horne's Relationships

# Audrey Horne's Relationships

# Johnny Horne's Relationships

# Concierge's Relationships
ben-secretary:business::Ben Concierge

# Lucy 's Relationships
lucy-dating:prospect:overly concerned about him:Lucy Andy

# Andy Cop's Relationships

# Hawk Cop's Relationships

# Ronnette Polaski's Relationships
polaski-family:family: The Polaski Family:Ronnie MrPolaski MrsPolaski
ronnie-doctor:business:treating ronnie's injuries:DrShelby Ronnie

# Mr. Polaski's Relationships
# Mrs. Polaski's Relationships
# LogLady's Relationships
# MrX's Relationships
# Jim's Relationships
# Dr. Lawrence Jacoby's Relationships
# Dr. Shelby's Relationships
# OneArm's Relationships
onearm-enemy:enemy:they are oposites:OneArm KillerBob

# KillerBob's Relationships
# AnotherMan's Relatioships
# Laura2's Relationships
laura2-cousin:family:The Family From Another Place:Laura2 AnotherMan

# High school principal's Relationships
# SecretaryofQ's Relationships
# Teacher's Relationships
# Joey's Relationships
# Scotty's Relationships
# Diane's Relationships
# Bankwoman's Relationships
bank-laura:acquataince:she knew laura away from bank:Bankwoman Laura

# Otherwaitress's Relationships
# Mayor's Relationships
# Teressa Banks' Relationships
# Swabbie's Relationships
swabbie-boss:business:works for the Hornes:Swabbie Ben Jerry

# Kim's Relationships
# Blackie's Relationships
# NewGirl's Relationships

cat << \SHAR_EOF > events
#event-type -
#	quote plot info sounds shots
#episode - 
#	0=before the pilot
#	1=pilot		April  8 1990	ABC 9-11 p.m.
#	2		April 12 1990	ABC 9-10 p.m.
#	3		April 19 1990	ABC 9-10 p.m.
#ev-time - time event took place
#ev-actual - time that event refers to?
#	times are .
#	daynum is 1...n starting from episode 1, day 1
#	hour is 24-hour notation (no spaces)
#	blank ev-time is unknown or not-applicable
#	blank ev-actual means the same time as ev-time
#ev-loc - location of event
#ev-actloc - location that event refers to
#ev-data  - text concerning the event
#ev-who   - list of people or groups taking part in the event
:plot:1:1.0600::packard-house::find the body; on the beach, wrapped in
:quote:1:1.0600::packard-house::"She's dead":Pete
:plot:1:1.0700::packard-house::police look over body, andy cries:Sheriff
Doc Andy
:info:1:1.0700::packard-house::laura's face looks like Man Ray photograph
:plot:1:1.0730::palmer-house::mom can't find laura:MrsPalmer
:plot:1:1.0735::palmer-house::mom calls the briggs:MrsPalmer MrsBriggs
:info:1:1.0735::palmer-house::bobby is dating laura:laura-dating
:plot:1:1.0730::diner::bobby sees waitress - skips football:Bobby norma-diner
:info:1:1.0730::diner::bobby is cheating on laura:bobby-affair
:plot:1:1.0745::diner::bobby and shelly see the truck:bobby-affair
:plot:1:1.0710::resort::land developer plotting:land-dealers
:quote:1:1.0710::resort::"Packard's Mill for a song - one verse, no chorus":Ben
:plot:1:1.0730::resort::norwegian presentation:land-dealers norwegians
:plot:1:1.0750::resort::dad finds out:MrPalmer Sheriff
:quote:1:1.0800::high-school::"A beautiful day for a picnic":James
:plot:1:1.0815::hospital::dad identifies body:MrPalmer Sheriff
:plot:1:1.0830::high-school::high school finds out:Principal Teacher
:info:1:1.0830::high-school::James and Donna devastated:donna-friend
:plot:1:1.0900::palmer-house::mom sedated, questioned:palmer-neighbor
Doc Sheriff Andy
:plot:1:1.0900:0.2100:palmer-house::last time mom saw laura:MrsPalmer
Doc Sheriff Andy
:plot:1:1.0900:0.2130:palmer-house::laura received a call last
night:MrsPalmer Doc Sheriff Andy
:plot:1:1.0910::palmer-house::get diary and video camera:MrPalmer Hawk
:plot:1:1.0930::mill::packard mill shuts down for the day:jocelyn-mill
:quote:1:1.0930::mill::"Push the plug":Jocelyn
:plot:1:1.1000::rail-bridge::ronnie walks across state lines - 2
cigarrette burns and rope(drapery cord):Ronnie
:plot:1:1.1110::gas-station::james passes note to ed for donna:james-uncle
:plot:1:1.1130::population-sign::cooper arrives:Cooper
:quote:1:1.1130::population-sign::"Diane, it's 11.30 am February 24. 
Entering the town of Twin Peaks.":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1130::population-sign::"Five miles south of Canada, 12 miles
west of the state line.":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1130::population-sign::"Fifty-four degrees, slightly overcast
:quote:1:1.1130::population-sign::"Odometer reads 79345 and the guage in
on reserve.":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1130::population-sign::"Lunch was $6.31 at the Lamplighter
Inn on Hwy 2 by Louis Fork.":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1130::population-sign::"Tuna Fish sandwich on whole weat and
a slice of cherry pie and a cup of coffee.":Cooper
:plot:1:1.1200::hospital::dale cooper shows up:Cooper Sheriff
:quote:1:1.1200::hospital::"What kind of fantastic trees you have
growing 'round here?  Big. Majestic...":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1200::hospital::"Douglas Firs.":Sheriff
:plot:1:1.1200::hospital::interrogate ronnie (no letter):Cooper
ronnie-doctor Sheriff
:plot:1:1.1200::hospital::ronnie has been raped:Cooper ronnie-doctor Sheriff
:quote:1:1.1205::hospital::"Don't go there":Ronnie
:plot:1:1.1215::hospital::onearm steps out of elevator:OneArm Cooper Sheriff
:plot:1:1.1225::hospital::jacoby wants to see body:DrJacoby Cooper Sheriff
:info:1:1.1225::hospital::jacoby has been treating laura:laura-doctor
:plot:1:1.1225::hospital::jacoby plays with hula skirt on tie:DrJacoby
Cooper Sheriff
:quote:1:1.1225::hospital::"Her parents didn't know she was seeing
:quote:1:1.1232::hospital::"Would you leave us?" "Jim" "Would you leave
us please?!":Cooper Jim
:plot:1:1.1235::hospital::interrogate laura:Cooper Sheriff Laura
:plot:1:1.1235::hospital::find letter (R) under ring finger:Cooper
Sheriff Laura
:quote:1:1.1235::hospital::"Let's see what he left us.":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1235::hospital::"Dianne, it's the same thing.  I told you we
would run across this again.":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1235::hospital::"Diane, give this to Albert and his team,
don't go to Sam.":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1235::hospital::"Albert seems to have a little more on the
:info:1:1.1235::hospital::there have been other murders:fbi
:plot:1:1.1355::gas-station::donna talks to ed - mike wants to go to
cops:Ed donna-dating
:plot:1:1.1400::police-station::cooper reads diary (J):Cooper Sheriff
:quote:1:1.1400::police-station::(from diary) "February 23.  Asparagus. 
God I hate asparagus.  Does that mean I'll never grow up?":Laura
:quote:1:1.1400::police-station::(from diary) "Nervous about meeting "J"
:quote:1:1.1400::police-station::"That's one out of twenty-six.":Sheriff
:plot:1:1.1400::police-station::safe deposit key - may have been
cocaine:Cooper Sheriff
:quote:1:1.1400::police-station::"Have you ever been surprised before?":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1400::police-station::"Diane, I'm holding in my hand a small
box of chocolate bunnies.":Cooper
:plot:1:1.1430::railroad-car::andy calls lucy about site:Lucy Andy
:quote:1:1.1430::railroad-car::"I didn't cry!":Andy
:info:1:1.1430::railroad-car::looks like something going on between lucy
and andy:lucy-dating
:plot:1:1.1500::police-station::bobby interrogation - see the
:plot:1:1.1500:0.1900:police-station:briggs-house:laura studies with
bobby until 9.30:bobby-police laura-dating
:plot:1:1.1500:-7.0000:police-station::bobby and laura fought last
week:bobby-police laura-dating
:quote:1:1.1500::police-station::"You didn't love her anyway.":Cooper
:plot:1:1.1520::resort::audrey spills coffee on julie's desk:Audrey Concierge
:plot:1:1.1520::resort::audrey ruins norwegian deal:Audrey norwegians
:quote:1:1.1520::resort::"What's wrong, pretty young girl?":norwegians
:quote:1:1.1520::resort::"They found my friend Laura face down
completely naked on a rocky beach.":Audrey
:plot:1:1.1530::police-station::mike and bobby talk - lucy
overhears:bobby-friend Lucy
:quote:1:1.1530::police-station::"Some biker is going to die":Bobby
:plot:1:1.1530::police-station::donna interogation:Donna Cooper
:plot:1:1.1530:-12.1300:police-station:hillside:donna, laura have a
picnic - some hiker films:Cooper laura-friend
:plot:1:1.1540::police-station::bike in laura's eye:Cooper Sheriff Lucy
:shot:1:1.1540::police-station:hillside:fade to james' bike:Cooper James
:plot:1:1.1545::resort::the norwegians leave:ben-secretary Audrey norwegians
:shot:1:1.1600::railroad-car::old burned up railroad cars, misty, dogs
and police combing surrounding brush
:plot:1:1.1600::railroad-car::bloody rag on table in
railroad-car:Sheriff Cooper
:plot:1:1.1600::railroad-car::find the locket on mound of dirt:Sheriff Cooper
:quote:1:1.1600::railroad-car::"Here's something we haven't seen
:quote:1:1.1600::railroad-car::"A mound of dirt a foot and a half in
diameter. On top a gold necklace with a gold heart":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1600::railroad-car::"Scratch that, half a gold heart.":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1600::railroad-car::"At the base, a piece of paper with the
words written in blood":Cooper
:quote:1:1.1600::railroad-car::"FIRE WALK WITH ME":Cooper
:info:1:1.1600::railroad-car::heart found at site has a gold necklace
:shot:1:1.1600::railroad-car:hillside:white out to james holding leather
necklace with half a gold heart:James
:info:1:1.1600::hillside::james' necklace is leather
:plot:1:1.1700::resort::johnny is banging his head against a doll
house:Johnny MrsHorne Audrey Nurse
:info:1:1.1700::resort::laura normally tutors johny:laura-tutor
:quote:1:1.1705::bank::"Oh, it fell down":Bankwoman
:plot:1:1.1705::bank::not sure when laura used box last:bank-laura
Cooper Sheriff
:plot:1:1.1705::bank::safe deposit box - $10,000, FleshWorld mag -
picture of Ronnie,the truck:Cooper Sheriff
:shot:1:1.1705::bank:leo's-house:fade from picture to truck:
:plot:1:1.1710::leo's-house::leo upset by tv news of laura and
:plot:1:1.1710::leo's-house::leo suspects an affair:johnson-family
:plot:1:1.1710::leo's-house::leo tells shelly to smoke one brand
:plot:1:1.1900::gas-station::owner of diner calls ed - Ed suggests
:plot:1:1.2000::city-hall::town meeting:
:quote:1:1.2000::city-hall::"Snowshoe rabbits!":Cooper
:quote:1:1.2000::city-hall::"Who's the babe?":Cooper
:plot:1:1.2000::city-hall::packard brought jocelyn over from Hong Kong
six years ago:Sheriff jocelyn-married
:plot:1:1.2000::city-hall::packard died a year ago:Sheriff
:quote:1:1.2000::city-hall::"Ben's after her land":Sheriff
:quote:1:1.2000::city-hall::"Who's the lady with the log?":Cooper
:quote:1:1.2000::city-hall::"We call her the Log Lady:Sheriff
:plot:1:1.2000:-365.0000:city-hall:unknown:a similar murder:Cooper Teressa
:plot:1:1.2000::city-hall::"In the southwest corner of the state, a year
ago almost to the day":Cooper
:plot:1:1.2000::city-hall::"Teressa Banks was found murdered":Cooper
:plot:1:1.2000::city-hall::very similar circumstances:Cooper
:quote:1:1.2000::city-hall::"It is vitally important that this not turn
into a witch hunt.":Cooper
:quote:1:1.2000::city-hall::"I will remind you that these crimes were
committed at night.":Cooper
:shot:1:1.2030::intersection::stop light from green to amber to red:
:plot:1:1.2040::Haywood-house::doc tells his wife a secret - "they found
a locket":doc-married Donna
:plot:1:1.2040::Haywood-house::donna breaks curfew:Harriet Donna
:qoute:1:1.2040::Haywood-house::"Actually, after some time, I like 'The
full blossom of the evening'":Harriet
:plot:1:1.2050::Haywood-house::bobby and mike looking for donna:bobby-friend
:quote:1:1.2050::Haywood-house::"Don't take any oink oink off that
pretty pig.":Bobby
:plot:1:1.2100::roadhouse::truman and cooper stake out:Cooper Sheriff
:shot:1:1.2100::roadhouse::motorcycles evenly spaced at same angle
infront of roadhouse:
:plot:1:1.2100::roadhouse::lucy patches through call from doc:Cooper
Sheriff Doc Lucy
:quote:1:1.2100::roadhouse::"Do you know why I'm whittling?":Cooper
:quote:1:1.2100::roadhouse::"Because that is what one does in a town
where a yellow light means slow down instead of speed up.":Cooper
:plot:1:1.2110::roadhouse::bobby and mike arrive:bobby-friend
:qoute:1:1.2110::roadhouse::"What a wonderful world.":Joey
:plot:1:1.2110::roadhouse::norma wants to separate from her husband to
be with ed:ed-affair norma-marriage
:plot:1:1.2110::roadhouse::hank is in prison for manslaughter (did norma
testify against him?):ed-affair norma-marriage
:plot:1:1.2110::roadhouse::Julie Cruise sings 'Falling':bikers
:plot:1:1.2130::roadhouse::donna arrives, mike yells at her:donna-dating
:plot:1:1.2140::roadhouse::the fight:bobby-friend Ed bikers
:plot:1:1.2140::roadhouse::joey takes donna away:Joey Donna
:quote:1:1.2140::forest::"It looks like he spotted us.":Sheriff
:quote:1:1.2140::forest::"I want a doughnut":Cooper
:plot:1:1.2200::forest::the douglas firs - james and donna find each
:plot:1:1.2200::forest::I don't have an alibi for last night:James
:quote:1:1.2200::forest::"She's a different person":James
:quote:1:1.2200:0.2200:forest:intersection:"There's things you don't
know.  Even Donna doesn't know me.":Laura
:info:1:1.2200::forest:intersection:the intersection is Sparkwood and 21:James
:quote:1:1.2200:0.2200:forest:intersection:"She said something about a
guy getting killed. Bobby told her he killed this guy.":James
:plot:1:1.2200:1.0030:forest:intersection:laura leaves - james rides
:quote:1:1.2200:1.0030:forest:intersection:"I love you!":Laura
:plot:1:1.2210::forest::james and donna kiss:donna-affair
:quote:1:1.2210::forest::"You have to give me the locket you gave Laura.":Donna
:plot:1:1.2210::forest::bury the locket:donna-friend
:plot:1:1.2220::forest::chase - arrest james:james-police donna-friend
:plot:1:1.2300::police-station::donna turned over to her father:Donna
Doc Sheriff
:plot:1:1.2300::police-station::"Lucy, I want an arrest form":Sheriff
:plot:1:1.2310::police-station::james put in cell:James Hawk Andy Mike Bobby
:plot:1:1.2320::police-station::doc very nice to donna::Doc Donna
:plot:1:2.0028::police-station::eat doughnuts:Sheriff Cooper
:shot:1:2.0028::police-station::double stacks of all sorts of doughnuts
spaced evenly over entire table:
:quote:1:2.0028::police-station::"Andy's been drinking so much
caffienated coffee lately":Lucy
:plot:1:2.0055::police-station::james in jail - bobby and mike howling
like dogs:bobby-enemy Mike
:plot:1:2.0055::police-station::bobby's howling sounds like another
voice to james:bobby-enemy Mike
:plot:1:2.0100::packard-house::sheriff with jocelyn:sheriff-dating
:plot:1:2.0100::packard-house::catherine calls ben:catherine-affair
:quote:1:2.0100::packard-house::"He's here again":Catherine
:quote:1:2.0100::packard-house::"Let's get together and talk about it":Ben
:shot:1:2.0105::intersection::trafic light on red:
:plot:1:2.0105::palmer-house::mrs palmer bolts up and screams as if she
saw something:MrsPalmer
:plot:1:2.0105::forest::gloved hand takes the locket:MrX
:plot:2:2.0618::resort::Room 315 Great Northern Hotel:Cooper
:quote:2:2.0618::resort::"A hint of Douglas Fir needles in the air":Cooper
:quote:2:2.0640::resort::"Wait a minute. Wait a minute.  You
know, this is, excuse me, a damn fine cup of coffee.":Cooper
:quote:2:2.0640::resort::"Bacon, super crispy. Almost Burned.
:plot:2:2.0640::resort::laura tutored johny three times a week:Cooper Audrey
:quote:2:2.0640::resort::"...he's got emotional problems.  It runs in
the family.":Audrey
:quote:2:2.0640::resort::"Do your palms ever itch?":Audrey
:plot:2:2.0730::police-station::cooper arrives, everyone eating
doughnuts:Cooper sheriff-station
:quote:2:2.0730::police-station::"Three for three":Cooper
:plot:2:2.0800::police-station::hear autopsey of laura:Cooper Sheriff Doc
:plot:2:2.0800::police-station::doc couldn't bear to do autopsey, had
Joe Fielding from Fairvale:Doc Cooper Sheriff Fielding
:plot:2:2.0800::police-station::laura died between midnight and 4 am:Doc
:plot:2:2.0800::police-station::laura died of loss of blood - many
shallow wounds:Doc
:plot:2:2.0800::police-station::bite marks on tongue and shoulder -
probably self inflicted:Doc
:plot:2:2.0800::police-station::lesions on wrists, ankles, and upper
arms - probably from being bound:Doc
:plot:2:2.0800::police-station::waiting for toxological:Doc
:quote:2:2.0800::police-station::"Within the last twelve hours she had
sexual relations with at least three people":Doc
:quote:2:2.0800::police-station::"...the psychological impact, the fear,
probably witnessing what was happening to Laura...":Doc
:quote:2:2.0800::police-station::"So beautiful.":Doc
:quote:2:2.0800::police-station::"Who would do a thing like that.":Doc
:plot:2:2.0820::leo's-house::leo's truck named "Pink pussycat":Leo
:plot:2:2.0820::leo's-house::leo makes shelly do laundry:leo-married
:plot:2:2.0820::leo's-house::shelly puts blood stained shirt in drawer:Shelly
:plot:2:2.0900::police-station::james interogation:james-police
:plot:2:2.0900:-12.1300:police-station:hillside:two sundays ago they had
a picnic:laura-affair donna-friend
:plot:2:2.0900::police-station::laura wanted the relationship
:plot:2:2.0900:-2.0000:police-station::laura had started acting strange
two days ago:laura-affair
:plot:2:2.0900::police-station::james acknowledges heart necklace:james-police
:quote:2:2.0900:-19.0000:police-station::(from diary)"February 5.  Day
:plot:2:2.0900::police-station::"James, what happened on February 5, and
who has the other half of this heart?":Cooper
:plot:2:2.0900:unknown:police-station:unknown:flashback of laura and
james talking (maybe to feb 5?):james-police
:quote:2:2.0900:unknown:police-station:unknown:"James, guess why I'm so
:quote:2:2.0900:unknown:police-station:unknown:"Because I really believe
that you love me.":Laura
:shot:2:2.0900:unknown:police-station:unknown:laura snaps heart pendant
in half:laura-affair
:info:2:2.0900::police-station::enscription on left half of heart "BEST"
:info:2:2.0900::police-station::enscription on right half of heart "FRIENDS"
:info:2:2.0900::police-station::top of left has in-tooth
:info:2:2.0900::police-station::top of right has out-tooth
:info:2:2.0900::police-station::looks like james gets left half, laura
keeps right half:laura-affair
:plot:2:2.1000::leo's-house::leo can't find shirt, get's upset:Leo
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"Leo Johnson called me at my parents...
He wanted to know where the other half of the money was.":Mike
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"As far as I knew we didn't have any of
it yet.":Mike
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"'Cause I thought the deal was we were
going to give it to him today.":Mike
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"I gave him half already.":Bobby
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"When did you see him?":Mike
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"I saw him the other night, OK!":Bobby
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"What night?!":Mike
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"The night Laura died. I went to see Leo
'cause I had this money buring a $10,000 hole in my pocket.":Bobby
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"What about the other half?":Mike
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"It's in Laura's save deposit box":Bobby
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"So you didn't get it back from her!":Mike
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"She was supposed to hand it over today
then she went and checked out on us.":Bobby
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"So how are we supposed to get $10,000
for Leo...":Mike
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"We're lucky to be in jail 'cause you
know what's going to go down with Leo when we get out of here.":Mike
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::"You do not know Leo Johnson!":Bobby
:info:2:2.1015::police-station::some kind of illicit dealings going on,
laura knows a little:leo-crime
:plot:2:2.1015::police-station::james returns to cell:bobby-enemy Mike Hawk
:shot:2:2.1020::police-station::we see laura dancing up to the camera
(from the video):Laura
:quote:2:2.1020::police-station::(voice over)"Help me":
:plot:2:2.1030::hayword-house::mom tells donna she doesn't have to go to
the police station:MrsHayword Donna
:quote:2:2.1030::hayword-house::"You woke us crying in your sleep last
:plot:2:2.1050::police-station::we see ed with big patch on head:Ed
Sheriff Cooper
:quote:2:2.1050::police-station::"How's that coconut?":Sheriff
:plot:2:2.1050::police-station::ed is james' uncle - his mother is out
of town:Ed Sheriff Cooper
:plot:2:2.1050::police-station::cooper gets phone call from Albert
Rosenfield:fbi Lucy 
:quote:2:2.1050::police-station::"It has that open air sound, you know
where it sounds like air blowing, like air blowing through trees":Lucy
:plot:2:2.1050::police-station::"I was on my stakeout":Ed
:info:2:2.1050::police-station::ed seems to be doing something for the
:plot:2:2.1050::police-station::"My beer was drugged. Jacques Renault
was tending bar.":Ed
:quote:2:2.1050::police-station::"Bring the boys. You can have the boddy
all day tomorrow.":Cooper
:quote:2:2.1050::police-station::"They got a cherry pie that'll just
kill you!":Cooper
:plot:2:2.1100::general-store::norma sees nadine:Norma Nadine
:quote:2:2.1100::general-store::"I've gotten all new drapes.  Beige
:quote:2:2.1100::general-store::"I have invented a noiseless completely
silent drape runner.":Nadine
:quote:2:2.1100::general-store::"And do you know how it works, do you
know what makes it work?!":Nadine
:quote:2:2.1100::general-store::"The thing I thought up at four AM in
the morning while I waited for my husband":Nadine
:quote:2:2.1100::general-store::"to be released from intensive care?":Nadine
:quote:2:2.1100::general-store::"Cotton Balls!":Nadine
:quote:2:2.1100::general-store::"By God those things 'll be quiet now!":Nadine
:plot:2:2.1130::police-station::james released from custody::james-police Ed
:plot:2:2.1130::police-station::ed and hawk exchange secret
:plot:2:2.1130::police-station::james finds out that his mom is still
out of town:james-family
:quote:2:2.1130::police-station::"The Book house boys - somebody's got
to watch my back.":James
:plot:2:2.1200::police-station::release mike, bobby - warn them nothing
should happen to james:bobby-police Mike bobby-enemy
:plot:2:2.1230::packard-house::josie thanks pete for his support
yesterday:Pete Jocelyn
:plot:2:2.1230::packard-house::Jocelyn interogation:Cooper Sheriff Jocelyn
:info:2:2.1230::packard-house::cooper realizes sheriff is seeing
:quote:2:2.1230::packard-house::"Black as midnight on a moonless night":Cooper
:plot:2:2.1230::packard-house::coffee percolator had a fish in it:Cooper
Sheriff Pete
:plot:2:2.1230::packard-house::laura helped josie twice a week with her
:plot:2:2.1230::packard-house::last saw laura on thursday she
died:Cooper Sheriff Jocelyn
:quote:2:2.1230:-1.1700:packard-house::"I think now I know how you feel
about your husband's death.":Laura
:plot:2:2.1230::packard-house::catherine calls josie to tell her it cost
$87,000 to shut down mill:Catherine Jocelyn
:plot:2:2.1240::resort::catherine and ben fooling around:catherine-affair
:quote:2:2.1240::resort::"Do we escalate":Catherine
:plot:2:2.1240::resort::some creative arithmetic with the ledger being
done by catherine:catherine-affair
:quote:2:2.1240::resort::"Start a fire ... With the Packard saw mill":Ben
:plot:2:2.1300::packard-house::donna comes to talk with mrs palmer:Donna
MrPalmer MrsPalmer
:quote:2:2.1300::packard-house::"I miss her so much":MrsPalmer
:plot:2:2.1300::packard-house::mom sees donna's face become
laura's:MrsPalmer Donna
:plot:2:2.1300::packard-house::mom sees face of wild, older
man:MrsPalmer KillerBob
:plot:2:2.1830::hospital::hawk interogates ronnie's
parents::Pulaski-mariage Hawk
:plot:2:2.1830::hospital::ronnie was a sales clerk at Horne's department
store:Polaski-mariage Hawk
:plot:2:2.1830::hospital::one-arm walks toward morgue/life-support
followed by hawk:OneArm Hawk
:plot:2:2.1900::resort::ben mad at audrey over norweigan deal:Ben Audrey
:quote:2:2.1900::resort::"Laura died two days ago, I lost you years ago.":Ben
:plot:2:2.1930::briggs-house::mr briggs tells bobby he respects his
rebelious nature:briggs-family
:shot:2:2.1930::briggs-house::mr briggs slaps bobby and his cigarette
flies into mother's meatloaf:briggs-family
:quote:2:2.1930::briggs-house::"We're here for you, Bobby":MrsBriggs
:plot:2:2.1940::diner::cooper eating cherry pie questions shelly:Cooper
Sheriff Shelly
:quote:2:2.1940::diner::"Nothing is a sure thing, Shelly.":Cooper
:plot:2:2.1940::diner::leo has a minor rap sheet:Cooper Sheriff
:quote:2:2.1940::diner::"Can I ask her about her log?":Cooper
:quote:2:2.1940::diner::"Many have.":Sheriff
:quote:2:2.1940::diner::"One day my log will have something to say about
this.  My log saw something that night.":LogLady
:quote:2:2.1940::diner::"Really, what did it see?":Cooper
:quote:2:2.1940::diner::"Ask it... I thought so.":LogLady
:plot:2:2.1940::diner::norma tells cooper, sheriff about meals on wheels
program for elderly shutins:laura-volunteer
:plot:2:2.2000::leo's-house::leo cuts football in half, then hides it:leo-crime
:quote:2:2.2000::leo's-house::"I'm going to teach you a lesson, Shelly":Leo
:plot:2:2.2000::leo's-house::leo turns up music, backs shelly into
corner of addition (against plastic):leo-married
:plot:2:2.2000::leo's-house::leo beats shelly with soap inside of
:plot:2:2.2030::haywood-house::james joins hayward family for
dinner:donna-affair doc-married
:quote:2:2.2030::haywood-house::"My mom travels a lot. Sometimes she
writes for the paper.":James
:plot:2:2.2040::haywood-house::mike and bobby see james' bike
:quote:2:2.2040::haywood-house::"First your girlfriend and then mine.":Mike
:quote:2:2.2040::haywood-house::"Too bad we can only kill him once":Bobby
:plot:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::dr jacoby listens to tape from laura:laura-doctor
:shot:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::tape is "with love, Laura":DrJacoby
:quote:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::"Hey, what's up doc.  It's Laura Palmer,
in case you hadn't guessed.":Laura
:quote:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::"I'm making you another one of these
tapes, which as you already know,":Laura
:quote:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::"I've mailed to you in one of the
envelopes you gave me.":Laura
:quote:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::"It's Thursday the twenty-third and I am
so bored.":Laura
:quote:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::"Actually, I'm in kind of a wierd mood.":Laura
:quote:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::" James is sweet, but he's so dumb.":Laura
:shot:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::dr jacoby smiles and nods when laura says
james is sweet, but frowns when she says he is dumb:DrJacoby
:quote:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::"I should have met you a long time ago
Doctor Jacoby.":Laura
:quote:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::"'Cause right now I can take just so much
of sweet!":Laura
:quote:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::"I just know I'm going to get lost in
those woods again tonight.  I just know it.":Laura
:quote:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::"Remember me telling you about that
mystery man. Well":Laura
:shot:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::dr jacoby puts on headphones and we hear
no more - he looks happy and sad, cries:DrJacoby
:shot:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::dr jacoby opens coconut and pulls out
heart necklace:DrJacoby
:info:2:2.2100::jacoby-house::dr jacoby's necklace is leather and very
wrinkled, looks like it has dirt on it:DrJacoby
:plot:3:2.2120::resort::the horne family is eating dinner:horne-family
:shot:3:2.2120::resort::large table, fire place, a roast:horne-family
:sounds:3:2.2120::resort::crackling fireplace, johnny humming:Johnny
:plot:3:2.2120::resort::brother jerry comes in with luggage,
sandwiches:horne-family ben-brother
:quote:3:2.2120::resort::"Jerry, back from Paris.":Ben
:quote:3:2.2120::resort::"Ben, what a nightmare.":Jerry
:quote:3:2.2120::resort::"Hey  Audrey  Uncle  Jerry's  back...":Jerry
:quote:3:2.2120::resort::"Brother Ben, this is the best damn sandwich I
ever et":Jerry
:shot:3:2.2120::resort::ben eating sandwich with almost anamalistic passion:Ben
:quote:3:2.2120::resort::"Do you know what this reminds me of?  Ginny
and Jenny down by the river!":Ben
:plot:3:2.2130::resort::ben and jerry go into hallway:ben-brother
:plot:3:2.2130::resort::ben tells jerry deal with norweigans over, laura
:quote:3:2.2130::resort::"We had those vikings by the horns":Jerry
:quote:3:2.2130::resort::"Leland's daughter was murdered... I'm
:plot:3:2.2130::resort::ben tells jerry there is a new girl "freshly
perfumed" at one eyed jack:ben-brother
:info:3:2.2130::resort::one eyed jack is in canada:
:shot:3:2.2130::resort::mural in background of man sharpening saw,
douglas fir trees, packard mill:
:plot:3:2.2130::lake::a Chris-Craft boat going up to one eyed jack:swabbie-boss
:quote:3:2.2255::hayward-house::"That's great Huckelberry pie, Mrs.
:plot:3:2.2255::hayward-house::uncomfortable parents say
goodnight:hayward-family donna-affair
:plot:3:2.2255::hayward-house::doc asks if donna will be going to church
at 9am:hayward-family donna-affair
:sounds:3:2.2255::hayward-house::old grandfather clock ticking:
:shot:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::neon sign with woman leaned against:
:sounds:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::sound of electric current:
:plot:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::ben and jerry arrive, go to bar and order
drinks:ben-brother ladies
:info:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::bartender doesn't particularly recognize
the brothers:Kim
:quote:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::"Rocket Science":Jerry
:shot:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::ladies enter in triangular procession,
lit from below:ladies
:quote:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::Shakespeare's Sonnet number 18:Ben
:quote:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::(interupted)"Nor shall death, brag...
thou wanderest in his shade":Ben
:quote:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::"Where's the new girl":Jerry
:quote:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::"When you really want love, you'll find
it waiting for you":Blackie
:plot:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::ben wins the coin toss, jerry resolves
himself to this:ben-brothers ladies
:plot:3:2.2300::one-eyed-jack::new girl is uncomfortable, uneasy:Ben NewGirl
:plot:3:3.0000::hayward-house::"Donna, I don't think that what we are
feeling or doing is wrong.":James
:plot:3:3.0000::hayward-house::"Why not?":Donna
:plot:3:3.0000::hayward-house::"Because it's the truth":James
:plot:3:3.0000::hayward-house::james and donna kiss:donna-affair
:quote:3:3.0000::hayward-house::"Are we going to be together James?  Are
:plot:3:3.0030::resort::cooper enter room, military step, whistle, happy
to be back:Cooper
:plot:3:3.0030::resort::hawk phones and talks about ronnie "body and
spirit are far apart":Cooper Hawk
:plot:3:3.0030::resort::cooper very concerned when hawk mentions one
armed man:Cooper Hawk OneArm
:plot:3:3.0030::resort::someone knocks and slips note under door -
handwriten "Jack with one eye":Cooper
:plot:3:3.0030::resort::cooper smells something on the note and smiles:Cooper
:plot:3:3.0100::forest::bobby and mike drive up, mike with knife, walk
through forest:bobby-friend
:shot:3:3.0100::forest::bobby's license plate ends in "J":Bobby
:plot:3:3.0100::forest::get footbal with white powder, leo shows up:leo-crime
:plot:3:3.0100::forest::"Toss it over, quarterback":Leo
:sounds:3:3.0100::forest::carbon-arc sound as leo turns on flashlight:Leo
:shot:3:3.0100::forest::mystery man behind a tree:leo-crime
:info:3:3.0100::forest::bobby is *very* scared of leo, starts talking
like his father:leo-crime
:quote:3:3.0100::forest::"But this thing with Laura, how can I
anticipate that kind of thing":Bobby
:quote:3:3.0100::forest::"You punks owe me ten grand. Leo needs a new
pair of shoes.":Leo
:quote:3:3.0100::forest::"Laura was a wild girl.":Leo
:plot:3:3.0100::forest::leo knows shelly was cheating, bobby even more
:quote:3:3.0100::forest::"Go out for a pass!":Leo
:plot:3:3.0100::forest::mike and bobby run away to the car, football
hits hood, drive away:leo-crime
:shot:3:3.0100::forest::running through woods, flashlight beam has spot
in middle like a pupil:
:quote:3:3.0100::forest::"Damnit I'm done, Bobby":Mike
:plot:3:3.0800::hurley-house::ed comes in with oil on hands, steps on
runner, drips oil:ed-married
:sounds:3:3.0800::hurley-house::sound of drape runner (acutally, rowing
:plot:3:3.0800::hurley-house::nadine on rowing machine, furious:ed-married
:plot:3:3.0800::hurley-house::"Ed, you stepped on my drape runner":Nadine
:plot:3:3.0800::hurley-house::"I'm going to have the worlds first 100%
quiet drape runner":Nadine
:plot:3:3.0800::hurley-house::"I'm real sorry, Nadine":Ed
:plot:3:3.0800::hurley-house::"Ed, you make me sick!":Nadine
:plot:3:3.0800::hurley-house::nadine breaks rowing machine backwards:Nadine
:plot:3:3.0900::police-station::everyone out back of station,  doughnuts
lined up perfectly:sheriff-station Cooper
:plot:3:3.0900::police-station::lucy holding tape measure to nose,
measure off 60 feet 6 inches to bottle on stump:sheriff-station Cooper
:plot:3:3.0905::leo's-house::(tv)"Each day brings a new beginning and
every hour holds the promisse of an Invitation to Love":
:plot:3:3.0905::leo's-house::bobby comes in and finds out what happened,
promises to kill leo if happen again:bobby-affair
:quote:3:3.0905::leo's-house::"Leo Johnson happened to me.":Shelly
:plot:3:3.0910::diner::ed comes into diner for comfort from norma:ed-affair
:quote:3:3.0910::diner::"It's not the first time, it won't be the last,
but I'm in that dog house again":Ed
:plot:3:3.0915::police-station::every one wants coffee:sheriff-station Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::" Damn good coffee, and hot!":Cooper
:shot:3:3.0915::police-station::all three police men drink coffee at same time:
:info:3:3.0915::police-station::andy and lucy sit together, andy gives
lucy look:lucy-dating
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"By way of explaining what we're about
to do, I'm first going to tell you a little":Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"about the country called Tibet.":Cooper
:shot:3:3.0915::police-station::everyone sits forward
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"An extremely spiritual country. For
centuries the leader of Tibet has been known as the Dalai Lama.":Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"In 1950 communist China invaded Tibet
and while leaving the Dalai Lama nominally in charge":Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"they in fact seized control of the
entire country.":Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"In 1959 after a Tibetan uprising
against the Chinease, the Dalai Lamma was forced to flea to India":Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"for his life and has lived in exile
ever since.":Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"Following a dream I had three years
ago, I have become deeply moved by the plight":Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"of the Tibetan people and filled with
a desire to help them.":Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"I also awoke from the same dream
realizing that I had subconsciously":Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"gained knowledge of a deductive
techniquie involving mind body coordination":Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"operating hand in hand with the
deepest level of intuition":Cooper
:sounds:3:3.0915::police-station::wind through douglas firs:
:plot:3:3.0915::police-station::black board with "Nervous about meeting
"J" written on top (and R T) and list following:Cooper sheriff-station
:plot:3:3.0915::police-station::"James Hurley, Josie Packard, Dr.
Lawrence Jacoby, Johnny Horne, Norma Jennings, Shelly Johnson, Jack with
one eye"
:plot:3:3.0915::police-station::hawk wearing kitchen mittens holds pail
of rocks, andy by bottle, lucy by black board:sheriff-station Cooper
:plot:3:3.0915::police-station::sheriff reads each name, relates to
laura, cooper says name to rock, throws at bottle:sheriff-station Cooper
:plot:3:3.0915::police-station::knocks off bottle on
jacoby:sheriff-station Cooper
:plot:3:3.0915::police-station::hits trash can (way off) on
johnny:sheriff-station Cooper
:plot:3:3.0915::police-station::for shelly, rebounds off tree and hits
andy:sheriff-station Cooper
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"It didn't hurt.  It didn't hurt a bit.":Andy
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"Coop, tell me.  The idea for all this
really came from a dream?":Sheriff
:quote:3:3.0915::police-station::"It did":Cooper
:shot:3:3.0915::police-station::cooper has child like look of pleasure:Cooper
:plot:3:3.0915::police-station::remove jack with one eye from list (it's
a place):sheriff-station Cooper
:plot:3:3.0915::police-station::shatter bottle on leo:sheriff-station Cooper
:plot:3:3.1100::diner::audrey enters as haywards dine:doc-married Donna Audrey
:shot:3:3.1100::diner::donna walks over with arms swinging behind her
:plot:3:3.1100::diner::donna talks to audrey, audrey says she was at
church because of laura:Donna Audrey
:plot:3:3.1100::diner::"There were things about Laura I didn't like":Audrey
:plot:3:3.1100::diner::audrey plays with coffee cup, almost
caressing:Audrey Donna
:quote:3:3.1100::diner::"Agent Cooper *loves* coffee.":Audrey
:quote:3:3.1100::diner::"Did Laura ever talk about my father... He used
to sing to her":Audrey
:quote:3:3.1100::diner::"God I love this music.  Isn't it too dreamy":Audrey
:plot:3:3.1100::diner::audrey dances, others don't quite
understand:Audrey Donna doc-married
:plot:3:3.1600::police-station::sheriff and cooper looking at bloody
rag, similar to those found at site:Cooper Sheriff
:plot:3:3.1600::police-station::"Hawk found this half a mile down the
:plot:3:3.1600::police-station::"That's a nasty piece of work":Cooper
:plot:3:3.1600::police-station::albert and the boys arrive, looking like
sterotypical fbi, very impatient:fbi
:plot:3:3.1600::police-station::lucy reading about tibet:Lucy
:quote:3:3.1600::police-station::"Yeah, I can hear perfectly well,
:plot:3:3.1600::police-station::"Albert's lacking in some of the social
:shot:3:3.1600::police-station::cooper tweaks sheriff's nose!:Cooper Sheriff
:shot:3:3.1600::police-station::wide angle shot of fbi guys with albert
ranting:fbi Sheriff
:shot:3:3.1600::police-station::wide angle from above of sheriff telling
albert off, cooper flashes thumbs up:fbi Sheriff
:plot:3:3.2100::hurley-house::ed comes back in house, cowers as nadine
:quote:3:3.2100::hurley-house::"Oh Ed, you big lug!":Nadine
:plot:3:3.2100::hurley-house::turns out the grease made drape runners
even quiter, nadine exstatic:ed-married
:plot:3:3.2200::packard-house::"Here's the key, ledger's inside":Pete Jocelyn
:plot:3:3.2200::packard-house::catherine asks about cooper, yells at
:quote:3:3.2200::packard-house::"Get your boots off my bead and go to
your room!":Catherine
:plot:3:3.2200::packard-house::josie opens safe and looks at books (two
:plot:3:3.2300::palmer-house::dad seems drunk, puts on "Pennsylvania
6-5000" and starts to dance with laura's picture:MrPalmer
:plot:3:3.2300::palmer-house::mrs palmer gets mad and yells, picture
breaks, mr palmer bleads on it:palmer-married
:plot:3:3.2330::resort::cooper goes to sleep:Cooper
:sounds:3:4.0330::resort::haunting music and storm crash as dream begins:Cooper
:shot:3:4.0330::resort::shadows moves up across and encompases cooper as
the dream begins:Cooper
:plot:3:4.0330::resort::cooper old man (70) but much the same - dress
similar, hair almost same, a few more fbi pins:Cooper
:plot:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:man shaking/dancing with his back
to us, saying "Laura... Laura":Cooper AnotherMan
:plot:3:4.0330::resort:palmer-house:slow motion mrs palmer comes down
stairs with fan in background:MrsPalmer
:shot:3:4.0330::resort:palmer-house:flash (each of following shots
happens faster and faster - exponential):
:sounds:3:4.0330::resort:palmer-house:carbon-arc sound:
:plot:3:4.0330::resort:railroad-car:bloody rag on table in railroad-car:
:sounds:3:4.0330::resort:palmer-house:carbon-arc sound:
:plot:3:4.0330::resort:hospital:laura dead:Laura
:sounds:3:4.0330::resort:palmer-house:carbon-arc sound:
:sounds:3:4.0330::resort:palmer-house:carbon-arc sound:
:shot:3:4.0330::resort:hospital:as one arm starts talking we fade from
cooper sleeping to one arm in morgue:Cooper OneArm
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:hospital:"Through the darkness of future pasts,
The Magician longs to see.":OneArm
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:hospital:"One chance odds between two worlds,
Fire, walk with me.":OneArm
:shot:3:4.0330::resort:hospital:one arm takes on more of a
conversatorial tone of voice:OneArm
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:hospital:"We lived among the people.  I think
you say, convience store.":OneArm
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:hospital:"We lived above it.  I mean it like it
is, like it sounds.":OneArm
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:hospital:"I too have been touched by the
devilish one.  Tatoo on the left shoulder.":OneArm
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:hospital:"Oh, but when I saw the face of god, I
was changed!":OneArm
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:hospital:"I took the entire arm off.":OneArm
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:hospital:"My name is Mike, his name is Bob.":OneArm
:shot:3:4.0330::resort:garage:cut to KillerBob, looks like in garage
(equipment hanging behind him):KillerBob
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:garage:"Mike! Mike! Can you hear me?!":KillerBob
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:garage:"Catch you with my death bag.":KillerBob
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:garage:"You may think I've gone insane, but I
promise I will kill again.":KillerBob
:shot:3:4.0330::resort:railroad-car:shot of twelve candles around the
dirt mound (something on top) blowing out:
:plot:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:man stops dancing and turns to us,
he is a dwarf:Cooper AnotherMan
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:"Let's rock!":AnotherMan
:shot:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:burgundy drapes in background, two
tall lights stradling sofa, greek statue in back:
:plot:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:laura sitting on sofa, cooper in
chair facing other two:Cooper AnotherMan Laura2
:shot:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:shadow flies by on drapes:
:sounds:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:another's & laura's dialogue made
by recording backwards dialogue, then playing in reverse:AnotherMan Laura2
:shot:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:most actions and expressions have
strange feel because of backward play:AnotherMan Laura2
:sounds:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:AnotherMan rubs hands whole time
for an interesting sound:AnotherMan
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:"I've got good news":AnotherMan
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:"That gum you like is going to
come back in style":AnotherMan
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:"She's my cousin":AnotherMan
:info:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:maybe it isn't laura:laura2-cousin
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:"But doesn't she look almost
exactly like Laura Palmer":AnotherMan
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:"But it is Laura Palmer.  Are you
Laura Palmer?":Cooper
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:"I feel like I know her, but
sometimes my arms bend back.":Laura2
:shot:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:laura looks pained as she says
"sometimes" then looks like she enjoyed the pain:Laura2
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:"She's filled with secrets":AnotherMan
:quote:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:"Where we're from, the birds sing
a pretty song and there's always music in the air":AnotherMan
:plot:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:another gets up to dance as music
starts:AnotherMan Cooper Laura2
:sounds:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:dark twin peaks music plays:AnotherMan
:plot:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:laura saunters over to cooper,
kisses him once, cooper small smile:Cooper Laura2
:plot:3:4.0330::resort:another-place:laura whispers in coopers ear, no
expression from cooper:Laura2 Cooper
:plot:3:4.0430::resort::cooper wakes up and calls sheriff, tells him to
meet for breakfast 7am as he know who killer is:Cooper Sheriff
:info:3:4.0430::resort::cooper wears socks to bed:Cooper
:sounds:3:4.0430::resort::cooper snaps fingers in time with the music:Cooper
cat << \SHAR_EOF > Events
#! /bin/awk -f

#rid	type	episode	ev-time	ev-actual	ev-loc	ev-actloc	evdata	evwho
#1	2	3	4	5		6	7		8	9
/^#/{	next
$3 != episode{	print ""
		print "Episode", episode
$6 != location{	print ""
		print "Scene:",location, "   Time:",time
	if ($4!=time)

	if ( ($5=="") && ($7=="") )
#		printf "   %6s  %6s %s ((%s))\n", $2,ptime,$8,$9
		printf "   %6s %s ((%s))\n", ptime,$8,$9
		printf "   %6s [%6s %8s] %s ((%s))\n", ptime,$5,$7,$8,$9
cat << \SHAR_EOF > People
#! /bin/awk -f

	pformat= "%-15s  %-15s  %3s  %s %-15s %s\n" 
	printf pformat,"Name","Full Name", "Age", "Sex", "Actor", "Description"
/^#/{	next
{	printf pformat, $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6
#	End of shell archive
exit 0