Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Keeping track of the characters
From: (Matthew Wall)
Date: 1990-04-20, 10:48

I, like some others posting to this list, am having a difficult time keeping
track of the characters from episode to episode. Maybe it'd be helpful to keep
a list. I've made a stab below, please add and correct at will and I'll try to
keep it up-to-date. I suggest posting additions to the group instead of 
sending them to me; I'll watch for corrections to the corrections.

 Special Agent Dale Cooper     (FBI Agent - our 'hero')
 Sheriff Truman                (County Sheriff)
 Lucy                          (Sheriff's dept. dispatcher? Admin Asst?)
 Andy                          (the Crying Deputy)
 (deputy # 2)                  (the one with long hair)

 Albert Rosenfield             (Special FBI forensics team)
  and two guys

 Laura Palmer                  (murder victim)
 (Laura's Mom)                 (Laura's Mom)
 Leland Palmer                 (Laura's Dad, involved in real estate
                                deal with Ben Horne)

 Ben Horne                     (sleazoid deal maker)
 (Mrs. Horne)                  (Ben's wife)
 Jerry Horne                   (brother to Ben)
 Johnny Horne                  (autistic child of the Hornes who was
                                helped by Laura Palmer)
 Audrey Horne                  (daughter; was not friendly with Laura)

 Bobby ( )                     (Titular boyfriend of Laura, quarterback
                               and apparent coke dealer)
 (Bobby's Buddy)               (Football player and jerk)

 James Hurley                  (Current Squeeze of Donna, secret boyfriend
                               of Laura, the man on the motorbike)

 Donna ( )                     (Laura's best friend)
 (Donna's Mom)                 (any other connections here?)
 (Donna's Dad)

 Ed ( )                        (Proprietor of Ed's House of Gas and
                               battered husband)
 Nadine                        (Ed's Wife, currently in search of the
                               perfect drapery runner)

 Norma Jennings                (Waitress at the diner)

 Leo Johnson                   (Truck driver (?) and cocaine middleman;
                               seems to know something about Laura, and
                               deals to Bobby)
 Shelley Johnson               (Leo's wife, Bobby's lover)

 Josie Packard                 (Widow of ( ) Packard, current owner of
                               the Mill, Sheriff Truman's lover)
 Catherine (Packard)           (Nasty sister of the late ( ) Packard, trying
                               to wrest control of the mill from Josie)
 Pete ()                       (Catherines' (slave?) He found Laura's body(?))

 Ronette ( )                   (Daughter of a mill worker (who?) and 
                                a surviving victim of an attack on the
                                same night that Laura was murdered)

 Dr. () Jacoby                 (Laura's psychologist (?) who may or may not
                                have had a relationship with her)

 (Other 'minor' characters to add?)

 Places which appear to be significant locales:

   The Mill                 (Laura's body found on the shore here)
   The Woods                (several locations?)
   One-Eyed Jack's          (a cathouse 'across the Canadian border')
   The Diner
   The Great Northern       (hotel where Cooper is staying, and where
                             Leland Palmer learned of Laura's death)
   The Roadhouse            (big fight here in episode 1)
   Big Ed's House of Gas
   The Police Station

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