Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Miscellaneous Thoughts
From: (Mary Tabasko)
Date: 1990-04-20, 12:30

Howdy to all you "Twin Peaks" fans!
What a terrific show this is (even if I loose "Wiseguy", I'll still have
something to watch on TV!)! Last night, my housemate and I drank
coffee (black as midnight on a moonless night) and ate some -- excuse
me -- DAMN good homemade cherry pie while watching. It sort of helps
set the mood....

Anyway, I have a few questions/observations dealing with the show:

1> Who was the guy in the woods with Leo in the third broadcast? When
Bobby and Mike went to the tree stump in the woods where they were
supposed to trade Leo $$ for coke, there was someone standing back
in the shadows. When Bobby and Mike asked Leo about him, he basically
ignored their question. Could this person be the mysterious hand we
saw at the end of the 2-hr broadcast, who dug the buried necklace up?
Perhaps he/she gave it to Dr. Jacoby (if it's the same one?). Maybe
this is the person Laura's mother "saw" in her vision when Donna came
over after Laura was murdered? (Although I thought he looked like Leo
with his hair unbound.) Maybe the same as the bearded man in the dream
sequence who quoted "Fire/Walk With Me" and other spooky stuff? Anyway,
it struck me as another significant loose thread.

2> A couple of people have asked what Cooper said to the sheriff when
they were examining the bloody rag. As I recall (I haven't checked my
tape), he said something like "This is a nasty piece of work." I
didn't attach any deep significance to this, though. Did I miss

3> In article <> (Matthew Wall) writes:
> >I, like some others posting to this list, am having a difficult time keeping
> >track of the characters from episode to episode. Maybe it'd be helpful to keep
> >a list. I've made a stab below, please add and correct at will
> >
> > (deputy # 2)                  (the one with long hair)
   I think he is called "Hawk."

4> This isn't very important, but for the sake of detail...
Someone posted a thought relating the note found in the box car
"Fire/Walk With Me" to a "hymn" remembered as sung by Eddie the
Shipboard Computer in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". The song
Eddie sang was "You'll Never Walk Alone," written by (I think) Rodgers
& Hammerstein. I don't think it's officially a "hymn", but it is,
IMHO, inspirationally maudlin enough to be so considered. The line the
poster misquoted should have been "When you walk through a storm, hold
your chin up high, and don't be afraid of the dark..." , not "though
the fire".

5> I wonder if any other those Tibetan deduction techniques would help
me find a topic for my dissertation? Just wonderin'.

I think that's enough for one posting.

Donuts and Joe for everyone!

Mary Tabasko