Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: No Solution in sight
From: (Darryl Cate)
Date: 1990-04-20, 12:07

Taken from Dallas Morning News, 4/19/90, w/o permission

	Whodunit in 'Twin Peaks'? Only the Video can tell
	New York Times News Service

	    Who killed Laura Palmer ? The
	question is on the minds of many
	viewers of 'Twin Peaks', the popular
	TV murder mystery by David Lynch
	and Mark Frost on ABC.
	    When the series ends its sched-
	uled seven-week run, the killer of
	the Twin Peaks' high school stu-
	dent will remain unnamed.
	    The murderer's identity, it
	seems, has been left to video.
	    A "closed-ended" tape version of
	the two-hour first installment of
	the series has been released by 
	Warner Home Video with a 15-min-
	ute addendum by Messrs. Lynch
	and Frost that solves the crime.
	    The problem is that the video is
	available only in Europe.  Warner is
	not saying when, if ever, 'Twin
	Peaks' the video will be released in
	this country.

	*  *  *

I, for one, am sincerely hoping that the 'unsolved after 7 episodes'
part of this news story is mistaken.  I just don't see Lynch/Frost
doing something like that to us poor American viewers.

Anyone else heard anything about this ?