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Subject: Re: "...but sometimes my arms bend back"
From: (Maxwell Anderson Hopkins)
Date: 1990-04-20, 15:32

In article <9004201316.AA11521@gaffa.MIT.EDU>  jsd@GAFFA.MIT.EDU (Oggle
Bottles) writes:
> >In article <> (Eli Posner) >writes:
>> >>After this weeks episode, I still claim that Audrey Horne is the
>> >>most interesting character (not just her body). I'm really hung
>> >>up on the diner scene. What was the point of it, everyone's wondering.
>> >>I think the key exchange is when silly Audrey becomes relatively serious
>> >>for a moment and asks "Did Laura ever talk about my father?" We'll learn
>> >>more about this later probably.
> >
> >Could this be implying that Laura hung out at that brothel that we saw
> >Ben and Jerry going to at the start of last night's show?  I think so.

I really doubt it.  For one thing what would Ben be doing descibing his
sexual liasons at the brothel with his daughter.  If Audrey's quote was
about Laura's sexual relationship with Ben, then I believe that it would
be from Audrey's evesdropping  on the two of them while Laura was over
tutoring the brother.  

Maxwell A. Hopkins
"Experience does not ever err, it is only your judgment that errs in
promising itself results which are not caused by your experiments."
	-Leonardo da Vinci  (c. 1510)