Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: "...but sometimes my arms bend back"
From: (Sho Kuwamoto)
Date: 1990-04-20, 23:41
Reply-to: (Sho Kuwamoto)

In article <> (Paul Raveling) writes:
> >[quotes people on mooseheads and antlers]
> >	Maybe these are symbols of a little wildlife in the woods?
> >	The deer head was so blatantly conspicuous that it ought to
> >	have some significance.

Perhaps this is just Lynch's shorthand for rural life?  I had
chalked up all the tree imagery in Blue Velvet to humor/emphasizing
rural setting.  (At the sound of the falling tree....)

We see a lot of trees, lumber, sawmill, log lady, deer heads, antlers,
and Big Ed's Gas Farm.  Anyone care to read in something deep and
meaningful into either the antlers or the wood?  (how about the wood
in Blue Velvet?)  Like I said, I think it's just there to remind us
visually that we aren't in New York.

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