Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: "...but sometimes my arms bend back"
From: bgingric@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU (Barry Gingrich)
Date: 1990-04-20, 06:06

In article <00935785.54E61C60@MAPLE.CIRCA.UFL.EDU> (Nija/Pwcca/Manitou) writes:
> >  By the way, anyone else notice that in the Jack With One Eye, the pool table
> >light had a BUNCH of deer antlers attached to it... and in the Pilot, there was
> >a deers head on the table at the bank... interesting, these are also the only
> >two episodes directed by David Lynch...

And I'd swear that the door handle to Cooper's hotel room was made 
from deer antlers.  I'm really starting to wonder if they're significant.  

Wild speculation:

     Antlers == Horns ----> Hornes ----> Ben and Jerry

Could be a clue, and it's more direct than some...  
Now, if the cops were just eating ice cream instead of
donuts, then we'd *know* it was Ben and Jerry....
-- - Barry OR bgingric@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU