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Subject: Re: "...but sometimes my arms bend back"
From: (Student)
Date: 1990-04-20, 08:29
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In article <> (Eli Posner) writes:
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> >After this weeks episode, I still claim that Audrey Horne is the
> >most interesting character (not just her body). I'm really hung
> >up on the diner scene. What was the point of it, everyone's wondering.
> >I think the key exchange is when silly Audrey becomes relatively serious
> >for a moment and asks "Did Laura ever talk about my father?" We'll learn
> >more about this later probably.
> >
Guess:  Laura was involved with the jack with one eye and can tie
Catherine into it.  Catherine sic'ed Leo onto Laura.  He approached
her after hearing from the Doctor or hearing the Doctor's tapes and
finding out her innermost fantasy.

> >BTW, what exactly did Cooper say when he saw that bloody cloth or whateerv
> >it was?

He saw it in his dream later on... (it was briefly flashed)
> >
> >Can anyone guess what's in those TWO ledgers? What's going on between Pete
> >and Josie?

Nothing except that Pete wants to get back at Catherine for the way
she treats him.  The ledgers may ahve tied Catherine into the Jack with
One Eye and cocaine traficking?

The rock throwing was by far the funniest and most bizarre scene on TV
this year.  Some notes, I think he hit the sheriff after hearing Shelly
Johnson (perhaps his link in the case?).  When he said Dr. JAcoby, he
noted that the bottle fell down.

> >
> >What the hell does "I feel like I know her but sometimes my arms bend back."
> >mean? Lastly, why did Laura touch her nose? I apparently missed Ed and Sherrif
> >exchanging a nose touching. When was this?
> >

Shit, I wanna know if the dwarf is supposed to be the Dali Lama?! "but
sometimes my arms bend back..." - people will be analyzing THAT one for
a week.

Favorite quote:  "Ed, you big lug"
2nd Favorite quote: "Damn good coffee!  and hot too!"
Midget:  "Let's Rock!"
(why was  he warming his hands up?)

> >Am I the only one pleasantly confused?
> >
> >Eli