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Subject: Re: advance info...(Was: Re: Argh!)
From: carlo@electro.UUCP (Carlo Sgro)
Date: 1990-04-20, 11:31

In article <334@van-bc.UUCP> sl@van-bc.UUCP (Stuart Lynne) writes:
> >Mr. Horne and his brother Jerry have some fun (wow) at One Eyed Jacks. On the 
> >whole a strange episode.

Did anyone else think that it was kinda weird that they would be called Ben
and Jerry (ice cream, anyone?) or was it just me?

I think that we've seen a new clue w.r.t. Ronette's involvement with the 
One Eyed Jack's scenes.  Ben said that the new girl was "fresh from the 
perfume counter" or something like that.  Can we then conclude that:
	a) Ronette used to be an employee of One Eyed Jack's at one time,
	b) the reason that they have a "new girl" is that the "old girl" 
	   was Ronette
We know that Ronette was not exactly the shy type from the match magazine
ad.  It would make sense that she would be a typical employee of One Eyed 

Also, to my eyes, the "new girl" seemed very nervous and uneasy.  Could it 
be that she was forced into being an employee of One Eyed Jack's for drug
money (hence a connection between Laura and Ronette)?

Stretching things a bit further, in the scene between Donna and Audrey Horne,
Audrey seemed to hedge a bit when Donna was surprised about any connection 
between her father and Laura.  Could this involve One Eyed Jack's?

My vote, after three episodes, goes to Ben Horne as the killer or as being
involved in the murder.

-- Carlo Sgro Not a card-carrying member of the watmath!watcgl!electro!carlo Laurie Bower Singers Fan Club.