Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Geography of Twin Peaks
From: n8949802@unicorn.WWU.EDU (nadja adolf)
Date: 1990-04-20, 23:12

In article <661@ssc.UUCP> markz@ssc.UUCP (Mark Zenier) writes:
> >
> >The inconsistency (in addition to the wrong pitch of the foghorn) was how 
> >clean the beach was.  If it was the sort of tide to wash up a body, I'd 
> >expect to find a couple of bleach bottles, a dead seagull, and a used
> >condom or two.  
> >
> >Markz@ssc.uucp 

Well, other inconsistencies are
1) EXACTLY what state line can you walk across near the coast in Washington?
   You could cross an international border, but not a state line.
2) Bleach bottles, condoms and such are comparatively rare on Northwest beaches.   It is too cold to use the beaches for most activities most of the year (copuu   lating in anything lighter than a mummy bag is a challenge except in the summ   er in most of the beaches in Oregon and Washington. However, one would expect
   some stinky seaweed or kelp to be present, and some wet wood.
3) I think one exterior shot may have been of the lodge near Snoqualmie Falls.
   Anyone share this opinion? 

Anyway, It doesn't take much of a tide to return a body. Wonder where the
hungry crabs were, though.