Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: More speculation
From: (S. A. Wilson)
Date: 1990-04-20, 21:19

SPOILERS and Wild Speculations--you have been warned.

In article <> (Paul Raveling) writes:
> >	I'm not so sure.  That scene reminded me of a surrealistic
> >	version of a place like the bordello.  Besides lighting,
> >	it had a sitting room with a reasonably appropriate statue
> >	of a nude, suggestions of pleasure by the dwarf...

Yeah this was my impression--actually 2nd impression, the 1st
you mention below. The Dwarf's reference to "Laura" not being
Laura, but his "Cousin" kinda reminds me of references I
have heard--cannot remember from where--from older men when referring
to young girls (Laura is obviously jailbate); they refer to the
young girl that they are with as being their "niece," "cousin"
to hide their real reasons for being with them.

Also, what exactly was that cloudy like
shadow that floated by; I could not quite make out the shape,
it seemed important since the camera focused in on for some
> >

> >	Could it also have suggested a mildly satanic atmosphere?
> >	The contorted speech, the shadow passing through when "Laura"
> >	beckons by touching her nose... ???  And why had Cooper been
> >	aged by wrinkling his skin in the dream?
> >

This was my 1st impression--though I watched the show after midnight
and was in a strange mood.  It just seemed to me that the whole
speech of the One-Armed Man referred to a dark side and that a
magician, ie Agent Copper, would be able to transcede time
if he followed that line: Fire  Walk through me.  I
thought that Copper actually had an out-of-body, as a result of
his connection with Eastern religion, and actually was outside of
time in some satanic world.  

Then the reference "...but sometimes my arm bends back" is a
reference to the fact that she is dead, and she has some recognition
to her earthly state, except for a her uncontrolled desire to bend
her arms back, a result from being bound and tied???

As, someone mention the strange reaction of her father. That
interested me. I did not find it strange until his wife started
screaming "what is going on in this house." I could not understand if she was
referring to his reactions, or was emotional about Laura's death.
I then kinda wondered about Laura's dad's relationship to Laura:
was it pure, or maybe since he worked for Horne--who along
with his brother appeared to be having sex with Laura, for when
Horne told his brother that she was dead, he went on to mention
that there was another fresh face at One-Eyed Jacks--somehow
he set Laura up with Horne to secure his job.  Thus the whole
scene of him breaking the picture and cutting his hand, and
the blooded hand print over her face.

Another thing which I found erry was Copper's reluctiness
to get the murder that night.  In the dream--which I still
cannot decide was a dream or some strange otherwordly
reality--Laura appeared to come on to him.  I was wondering
if he wanted to go back to sleep to fulfill whatever she
was offering him, ie herself.

And lastly--All the clues. I got the impression that the
One-Arm Man put theme there to guide Copper to the murder.

well- sorry for my wild speculations...
if you want to ignore this: do so; if you want to
flame me: do so, I am an email masochist.