Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The "backwards" speech & other effects
From: podlozny@csli.Stanford.EDU (Ann Podlozny)
Date: 1990-04-20, 10:11
Reply-to: (Ann Podlozny)

In article <> (James Kolasa) writes:
	I did hear
	someone else say she thought the portion was simply aired in reverse.  
	Anyone else hear this?  Clarification is desired.

I read (and of course I don't remember where; it couldhave been on here
somewhere, but I'll look around to verify) that they actually filmed
the sequence *in reverse* and then played it back forward.  That would
explain the jerky movements and the speech.

I almost wish they hadn't had the subtitles...although for clarity
sake.  Do you think Cooper saw them in his dream?

In article <> (David M. Baggett) writes:
	Did anyone think that Cooper looked like a wax figure in that scene,
	or was it just my TV?

Yeah; he looked like he was supposed to look really old (as another poster
mentioned).  It was all kind of creepy.  I really hope it doesn't turn into
some satanic cult thing, cuz then I'll be too scared to watch and have
nightmares.  I'm such a wimp.