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Subject: Re: The "backwards" speech & other effects
From: (Lazlo Nibble)
Date: 1990-04-20, 12:45
Reply-to: (Lazlo Nibble) (David M. Baggett) writes:

[In the dream sequence...]
> > The speech was not simply played backwards.  If you'll go back and listen
> > again, you'll see (hear?) that you can still make out the words.  If each
> > word had just been played backwards it would sound like complete
> > gibberish.

That was easy -- they just spoke the works backwards and then reversed
the film.  I've done this myself on audiotape a few times . . . all you
have to do is reverse the phonemes:

	"Let's Rock" -- ull eh t' ss  rr aa k'

If you pronounce "k'aarr sst'ehull" (or somesuch) and reverse on
playback you'll get a close facimilie to the real thing.  It takes a
little practice to make it sound recognizable but it's possible.  There
was a guest on REAL PEOPLE ten or so years ago who could do it

> > Everything looked jerky during the dream sequence.

Before you saw his face, the dwarf seemed to be vibrating.  Everything
else looked normal to me, just reversed.

> > Did anyone think that Cooper looked like a wax figure in that scene,
> > or was it just my TV?

He looked older.

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