Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peaks (agent? Cooper)
From: podlozny@csli.Stanford.EDU (Ann Podlozny)
Date: 1990-04-20, 10:27
Reply-to: (Ann Podlozny)

In article <> (Allen P Haughay Jr) writes:

 :The forest scene with Bobby and Mike going out for a pass had me on the edge
 :of my seat.

YEAH!  And I must say that that whole scene, walking into the woods,
the flashlights, the angles, the non-lighting was absolutely amazing.
All of a sudden its over and you realize you're holding your breath...

 :Lynch was in rare form, with his obsession for repeated rhythmic sounds...
 :the droning of the guy with autism, the midget's hand rubbing.

I thought that noise from the hand rubbing sounded like someone running 
wet fingers around the rim of a crystal know that humming
it makes?  And did you notice Donna running her fingers around the rim
of her coffee cup?  something made me remember that; perhaps its nothing.