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Subject: Re: twin peaks - more on the sheriff theory
From: (Paul Nakada)
Date: 1990-04-20, 10:12

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   Date: 19 Apr 90 17:03:29 GMT
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   In article <8155@hydra.gatech.EDU>, (Mark A. Mitchell) writes:
   > }
   > }Hey!!! Am I crazy or am I the only one who noticed a non-verbal signal
   > }(during the second episode) between a policeman and the owner of the
   > }gas station (Ed) while Ed was bailing out James at the police station.
   > }The signal was a touch of the nose a la "The Sting."
   Yes, I saw that.  Wonder what that's about?   Why did the policeman only
   follow the one-armed man to the door and not go further?

   Sharon Blanton

we see this again (by laura) in cooper's dream sequence ..   what does
it mean??!!

-Paul Nakada