Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Spit. "Damn good coffee."
From: (Eli Posner)
Date: 1990-04-20, 09:47

A few observations:
1) Ronnette recently  quit the  perfume counter and  lo  and behold
we have a new girl from the perfume counter at the whore house!!

2) Did Leo know that guy was in the woods when he met bobby and mike?

3)  Midget says "where we're from the birds sing  pretty songs andf
there is music in the air" .   Norway? Nahhhh.

4) Notice the music inthe dream scene is the same as Audrey's favorite
song. Also notice Cooper snaps his fingers to it when he  wakes up
implying that that was very key to his recognition.

5) The scene with  Leland bawling over Laura's picture  seemed more than
just grief.I think there is an  element of guilt. He didn't
kill her  but soemhow seems responsible.  Note the symbolism
of the smearing  the blood from  his  hand on  the picture.
He's got blood on  his  hands, folks.

6) Notice the circled R and T onthe blackboard? T..R..U..M..A..N?