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Subject: Twin Peaks Re: Keeping track of the characters
From: podlozny@csli.Stanford.EDU (Ann Podlozny)
Date: 1990-04-20, 11:49
Reply-to: (Ann Podlozny)

In article <> (Matthew Wall) writes:

   One-Eyed Jack's          (a cathouse 'across the Canadian border')

Why did you call it a 'cathouse'?  Is this another term for a whore
house?  If it is, then as another poster pointed out, Laura's entry
that said 'Kitty got a new collar' would possible mean that 
Ronette (maybe) started working there...or maybe the new girl
from the perfume counter....

I think Audrey dropped the note off to Cooper; I think she's a key.
She seems to know about EVERYTHING.  Where does she get her