Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Kitty got a new collar
From: aalanm@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (A Alan Middleton)
Date: 1990-04-21, 16:24

When the bartender in the bordello picks up the phone, right after the
Horne-y brothers arrive outside, doesn't the voice on the other end call
her "Cat"?  Reaching now, maybe she got a "new" collar because she was
promoted to being bartender from the rank and file -- most/all the other
girls had some sort of collar-like neck wear, to match their costumes.
So maybe we're looking for a recently-deceased bartender, rather than a
r-d working girl.

Theory: Laura got bumped off because she was on the verge of perfecting
a one-hundred percent silent drape runner.  The $10,000 was for building
the prototype.  Also note the prevalence of the drape/curtain imagery
in the bordello (where Laura perfected her art?) and in the dream

Sara and Alan