Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Murder to remain unsolved.
From: (Timothy Dierks)
Date: 1990-04-21, 17:53

From the Chicago Tribune, Sat 4/21/90. Reprinted totally without permission.

'Twin Peaks' to end with murder unsolved

Who killed Laura Palmer? The question is on the minds of many viewers of
"Twin Peaks," the popular TV murder mystery by David Lynch and Mark Frost on
When the series ends its scheduled seven-week run, the killer of the Twin
Peaks high school student will remain unnamed.
The murderer's identity, it seems, has been left to video.
A "closed-ended" tape version of the two-hour first installment of the
series has been released by Warner Home Video with a 15-minute addendum by
Lynch and Frost that solves the crime.
The problem is that the video is available only in Europe. Warner is not
saying when, if ever, "Twin Peaks" the video will be released in this country.

-end quote-

Attributed to "Tribune wire services"

This implies to me that there must be enough clues in the movie alone to
justify, if not prove, who the killer is. Of course, they could always pick
a different killer for the movie-only version and for the TV series. I'm
also confused how clues and action can unfold for 8 or 9 hours (does the 7
episodes include the movie or not?) and still not reveal the killer, yet
remain relevant.
Does anyone know how many more episodes ABC has ordered? And does anyone
have any idea if the murder will be solved at all (with another crime or
such to occupy further episodes) or if it will just keep on remaining unsolved,
yet still investigated?

Tim Dierks
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