Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: One-armed man and other notes and questions
From: (Robert Chao)
Date: 1990-04-21, 22:31
Reply-to: rchao@well.UUCP (Robert Chao)

The "one-armed man" has appeared in the credits but I'm not sure 
where he appeared. Was it the scene in the hospital?

Was the dream sequence exactly the same thing that was shown in 
Europe at the end of the pilot? Time Magazine stated that the Euro 
sequence "seemed to give away the end."

I like the dream sequence because it really seems like a dream, 
unlike most dream sequences you see which involve foggy lenses. The 
most memorable effect was the midget rustling with his back turned. 

Could Twin Peaks be the most-taped show in history, that is, if you 
divide the number of tapers divided by total number of viewers?

The scene that introduces Dr. Jacoby is hilarious not just because 
of Dr. Jacoby but because of the grave attitude of Cooper and Truman 
by contrast. I thought the scene of Mr. Palmer spinning around with 
the photo was also hilarious, though I'm not sure it was intended to 

Has anyone written sypnoses for the episodes? It would be a useful 
piece of reference.

Robert Chao