Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: advance info...(Was: Re: Argh!)
From: (Maxwell Anderson Hopkins)
Date: 1990-04-21, 12:37

In article <1634@electro.UUCP>  carlo@electro.UUCP (Carlo Sgro) writes:
> >I think that we've seen a new clue w.r.t. Ronette's involvement with the 
> >One Eyed Jack's scenes.  Ben said that the new girl was "fresh from the 
> >perfume counter" or something like that.  Can we then conclude that:
> >	a) Ronette used to be an employee of One Eyed Jack's at one time,
> >	b) the reason that they have a "new girl" is that the "old girl" 
> >	   was Ronette
> >We know that Ronette was not exactly the shy type from the match magazine
> >ad.

I find this highly unlikely.  For one thing Ben never mentioned that
Ronette had been injured while discussing Laura and One Eyed Jack's.
Also, if she was employed in the brothel then why would she have to
advertize as an independent in the magazine.