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Subject: Re: We are all missing the obvious
From: (Student)
Date: 1990-04-21, 09:56
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In article <1990Apr21.005207.25355@uokmax.uucp> gejohann@uokmax.uucp (Gene Edward Johannsen) writes:
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> >We have all missed the obvious in the initial  conversation Pete (I think his
> >name was Pete) had with Truman when Pete found the body.
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I watched the third episode a third time just to listen to the
music.  As you know there are a few themes that have been
repeated throughout the show.  There is, of course, the show's
Theme music, a synthesizer laden dreamy deep melody.  There's
also a "love theme" that is played while James and Donna kiss and
when Leland cries over Laura's picture.  Consider the ominous theme.
This is played when Ben and Jerry take the boat to the One Eyed Jack,
when Pete hands over the key to Josey, and strangely enough it plays when
Donna says to James, "James, will we be together?" as if to foreshadow.

There's als what I'll call Audrey's theme which she plays on the
jukebox in the diner.  Its a jazzy modern jazzz piece that uses
discordancy especially when Audry asks Donna what she knew about
her father's relationship with  Laura ("He used to sing to her").
The dream sequence is a mishmash of various themes but the dance
tune is not Audrey's theme.

I notice that the show's main theme isn't played at all in thie third
episode but is predominate in the 2nd show...

No one has discussed what the little person in Cooper's dream meant
about "That gum you like is coming back in style", either.

Just someone's ramblings...