Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks music (Julee Cruise) (yes, some of it is available now)
From: (Robert Chao)
Date: 1990-04-21, 22:09
Reply-to: rchao@well.UUCP (Robert Chao)

Some of the music in Twin Peaks is available on an album by Julee Cruise
called Floating Into The Night. I have a cassette copy but I know it's
also on CD. I first heard a copy six months ago. It's on Warner Bros.

One song,"Falling," is used for the opening titles of Twin Peaks except
that the vocals have been removed. Ms. Cruise appeared in the pilot, as
the girl singer in the place where the fight breaks out. Her song "The
Nightingale" (on the album) was included in the show, and I believe one
other. Can someone check the credits of the pilot? I think I saw two
song titles.

The album's lyrics were by Lynch and music by Angelo Badalamenti. It was
produced by these two also. It's very ethereal, similiar to much of the
music in Twin Peaks. Also it's sometimes quirky and strange. There are
some simple photos by Lynch with the album. Sorry but I don't know how
you can get the album if you can't find it in a store. I couldn't find
it in Berkeley which means it's pretty hard to find. I assume there will
be a soundtrack album, does anyone know? I have no background info 
on Cruise or Badalamenti.

Robert Chao