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Subject: Twin Peaks: lots of observations...
From: (Avi Belinsky)
Date: 1990-04-21, 17:20

Some more of my observations/comments..

1) After the 4/19 episode can we agree that the man that Laura's
mother 'saw' behind the bed was killer Bob.  The man in the vision
had long grey hair.  While both Leo and Hawk have long hair, their's
is brown.  Killer Bob is the only character we'e seen so far that has 
both long and grey hair.

2) Can anyone say (or guess) what the blood stained cloth that Cooper
and Truman were looking at before Albert arrived really is.  All I
saw was a small white towel with blood on it, with a particularly
dark spot near the center.

3) "But sometimes my arms bend back".  Any connection to the real
one armed man (left arm) or Mike in the dream sequence (right arm only).
Perhaps it's Laura's way of telling us that one of her arms are bent
back and she is either good (right arm only: meals on wheels, Johnny
Horn, teaching Josey, etc) or bad (left arm only: cocaine, prostitution)
and perhaps, she can't control it.

4) Someone mentioned a while back that they spoke to the co-producers brother
whose meaningful, but non-obvious clue was something to the effect of
"look for the connection between Cooper and the Dalai Lama".  Can
someone knowledgable please post some more info about the real Dalai Lama.

5) Letter sequences.  Some people are guessing that the letters found
under the dead girls nails (T? and R) are going to spell out TRUMAN.
No killer, not even a phsycotic (which Truman is not) would do that.

6) Cooper in the dream:  He was simply old, not plastic.  This _could_
lend some weight to someone's theory that the killers (and the two men
in the dream sequence) are really Mike and Bobby returned from the 
future.  Personally I doubt it.  Lynch seems to keep to the realm of
the weird, but possible.  Maybe Lynch is a time-traveller?

7) Who wrote the Jack with one Eye note to Cooper?  Cooper smelled
the note, and a hint of recognition crossed his face.  Twin Peaks
does not strike me as the kind of town where men wear cologne, so
I'm sure it's a woman who wrote it.  Also the writing was female.
Johnny couldn't have written it, he appears far too retarded (from
what we have seen, but have we seen the real Johnny?)  My guess is
that it was Audrey who is seemingly in love with Cooper.

Favorite quote from Episode 3: "Damn, we had those vikings by the Horns."

General Question:  I wonder if Lynch knows of all the excitement
Twin Peaks is generating on the net.  100+ messages per day between
r.a.t and a.t.t-p.  Maybe someone could get him on the net.  I'm sure
he'd get a real kick out of our picking the show to death.  I'm not
sure if I'd want him to post though.  Would what he reveals be more
than made up by what he added to our understanding?

Personal Note to All Posters:  Thanks to everyone who is posting.  For
me half the fun in watching the show is the speculation/analysis that
is going on here.  This is the closest I've ever gotten to interactive
fiction.  Yes we can't change the ending, but the story changes every
day as someone posts a new theory, and more (ir)relevant details are
discussed interactively.

Enough for now....Avi

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