Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Dream sequence code
From: (Kem Luther)
Date: 1990-04-22, 16:23

Still trying to read the backwards-as-forwards part of the dream 
sequence as a coded message.  In an earlier posting I suggested that
the gum was P.K.s gum.  This was named after P.K. Wrigley, as I recall.
I checked with one Canadian of Lynch vintage, and the brand was well
known before it disappeared. P.K.s gives us the word "Peaks," 
and the "looks almost exacly like" may be code for
"Twin."  Now I am wondering if the part with Laura touching her
nose followed by the shadow flowing behind the curtain is nose..shadow,
or "shadow knows."  So the coded message is (...Twin Peaks...shadow knows..)
But I'm stuck on the rest.  The notion that "arms bend back" has something
to do with elbows (or Le beau, les beaux) is clever, but doesn't 
seem right.   The arms bend **back**, not just bend. 

Who was it that popularized the term "Let's rock?"