Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Football, arms bend back, and dream sequence
From: (J. Steven Cothern)
Date: 1990-04-22, 14:58

With regard to speculation about the football scene among some of the posters:

  I thought that Leo's saying "Go out for a pass" after offhandedly remarking
about someone banging his wife in his absence, then saying something like "I'll
take care of it", with the football appearing on the hood of Bobby's car was
his [Leo's] way of saying "I can get you anytime I want", which would fit in
with him being able to make a pass like that in the dark!

Other posters have also noted the similarities to The Dream Laura's "arms bend
back" comment, and what Nadine did (!) to the rowing machine; I also thought
there was a great degree of similarity between Nadine's and T.D. Laura's head
and facial movements in those scenes; what that means, I Don't Know!  The dream
sequence in general blew me away!

As to the Man From Another Place's exclamatory "Let's rock!":  what about the
obvious connection between that statement, and Cooper's actions which [pre-
sumably] propitiated (sp?) the dream?

Great series!