Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: heart necklace, Jerry Horne, One-Eyed Jacks
From: (Darren S. McGeary)
Date: 1990-04-22, 22:54

      Did anyone notice the necklace that the "new girl" at One-Eyed Jacks
was wearing.  It was a club as in the suit of clubs from a deck of cards.
Could Laura have had a heart necklace because it represented the suit of
hearts.  Since One-Eyed Jacks is also a casino(did I hear that right?),
maybe Laura worked there also.  I missed the last half-hour of the pilot
and the whole 2nd episode, maybe someone can correct any inconsistancies.
      Is there anyway of knowing that Jerry Horne was ACTUALLY in France,
besides the fact that he said he was?  Maybe 'J' was Jerry??
      After 3 episodes,  my guess is Jerry Horne.  He looks like a real
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