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Subject: Re: 4/19 ^ Twin Peaks ^ (long)
From: (John Lundberg)
Date: 1990-04-22, 14:50

In article <1990Apr22.052221.24845@ingres.Ingres.COM> daveb@llama.Ingres.COM (here kitty, kitty...) writes:
> >In writes:
>> >>     Why did Cooper blow that whistle before the phone rang?  He seemed to
>> >>know that someone was going to call.
> >
> >I thought it was just something he picked up at a local store to amuse
> >himself.  Imagine him saying, "excuse me, DAMN fine whistles people
> >whittle around here!"
> >

He was whittling it while he and Sheriff Truman were staking out
the Roadhouse.  What else can you do in a town where a yellow
light still means "slow down?"

Last night I watched the pilot episode again. The first
character we see is Josie Packard applying makeup while looking
in the mirror...her expression is definitely not that of
someone going through a morning routine.  She looks disturbed
and of course the device of having a character look in a mirror
implies introspection.  I think she knew the body was going to
be discovered.

An interesting twist at this point would be to have the
blood stains found at the abandoned railway car *not* match
the blood types of either Laura or Ronette.