Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 4/19 ^ Twin Peaks ^ (long)
From: (Allen P Haughay Jr)
Date: 1990-04-22, 17:57

In article <1990Apr22.052221.24845@ingres.Ingres.COM> daveb@llama.Ingres.COM (here kitty, kitty...) writes:
> >In writes:
>> >>     Why did Cooper blow that whistle before the phone rang?  He seemed to
>> >>know that someone was going to call.
> >
> >I thought it was just something he picked up at a local store to amuse
> >himself.  Imagine him saying, "excuse me, DAMN fine whistles people
> >whittle around here!"
> >

No, he whittled that whistle.  He commented on the stake out of the
Road House that he was whittling because that was the kind of thing
people up there do.

Skip Haughay
ACIT-University of Delaware