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Subject: Re: 4/19 ^ Twin Peaks ^ (long)
From: (Avi Belinsky)
Date: 1990-04-22, 10:51

In article (Dave Brennan) writes:
> >
> >Spoilers abound... get out now!
> >
> >^L
    Why did you say spoilers abound?  Everything you said in your message
was either a recap of the already broadcast episode or your own speculation.
Is my definition of spoiler (as applied to TP: saying anything about the 
content of an episode BEFORE Thursday night) wrong?
> >
> >
> >     I liked the use of the flashlights in the woods.  I don't understand
> >how the football ended up on the hood of the car, unless there was another
> >football.

Looking at the tape it seems that the football lands on the hood of the car
juts as Mike and Bobby reach the car.  Leo would make one hell of a 
quarterback.  Maybe he ran after them, and then threw it, or more probably
its just Lynchian weirdness following up on Leo's order/threat to 
"go out for a pass Bobby".

	- Avi
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