Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Dream sequence code
From: (Brian Hoffman)
Date: 1990-04-22, 19:34

In article <> (Kem Luther) writes:
> >Still trying to read the backwards-as-forwards part of the dream 
> >sequence as a coded message.  In an earlier posting I suggested that
> >the gum was P.K.s gum.  This was named after P.K. Wrigley, as I recall.
> >I checked with one Canadian of Lynch vintage, and the brand was well
> >known before it disappeared. P.K.s gives us the word "Peaks," 
> >and the "looks almost exacly like" may be code for
> >"Twin."  Now I am wondering if the part with Laura touching her
> >nose followed by the shadow flowing behind the curtain is nose..shadow,
> >or "shadow knows."  So the coded message is (...Twin Peaks...shadow knows..)
> >But I'm stuck on the rest.  The notion that "arms bend back" has something
> >to do with elbows (or Le beau, les beaux) is clever, but doesn't 
> >seem right.   The arms bend **back**, not just bend. 
> >
> >Who was it that popularized the term "Let's rock?"
> > 

Whoa!  Wait a sec.  I think you're diving a little too deep.  You remind me
of my high school Lit teacher reading Lord of the Flies.  I'm sure there are
plenty of clues hidden in the dream sequence, but I think you are on a wild
goose chase.

I personally like the notion that the gum is Wrigley's Doublemint and the 
dwarf is referring to Laura's twin.