Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Flying Shadow during Dream Sequence
From: (Lazlo Nibble)
Date: 1990-04-22, 04:23
Reply-to: (Lazlo Nibble) (Sean Schur) writes:

> > Just a quick question: What was that shadow supposed to by that we see
> > fly by along the red curtain during the dream sequence?

Proof that Lynch (or at least Cooper :-) and I share the same brand of
hellish dreamworks . . . I don't have them very often, thank god, but
when I have nightmares of the kind that don't go away for a few
minutes, EVEN AFTER I WAKE UP (cf. Cooper's finger-snapping to the
dream-music after calling Sheriff Truman), they're always populated
with nonsensical, eerie, smoothly-floating objects of that nature.  I'm
going to have a little trouble getting to sleep tonight just thinking
about it.

Spoiler follows:

This is, of course, proof that *I* killed Laura Palmer.  I'll be turning
up in Episode 6 -- the Nosy Reporter who swipes Cooper's jelly donut.

                                                   Lazlo (
"W-A-6-O-D-B, with . . . a question."