Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Football, arms bend back, and dream sequence
From: wwd@cellar.uucp (Bill Donahue)
Date: 1990-04-22, 16:39
Reply-to: wwd@cellar.UUCP (Bill Donahue)

About the football players,
since when do high school football squads practice (twice a day??!!)
in FEBRUARY??? I said twice a day because we see them practicing in the
early morning instead of after school.

This underlines a theme(?) I've seen through the series: the mismanagement
of >>time<<. I assume this is intentional on Lynch's part:

In Laura Palmer's diary we see "Ran three miles today. Boy am I exhausted"
In addition she tutors Josey twice a week in English, tutors Johnny Horne
three times a week, helps with a meals on wheels, is homecoming queen
(which must mean she was a Senior (age=17) and therefore Bobby also must
be a Senior, spoiled brat she was, so why is he practicing in Feb??)

Where does Laura find the time for all these (legitimate) extra-curricular
activities in addition to her illegitimate activities.
Mayhaps she died of exhaustion...

Also raising questions to me is the timing for the Tibetan baseball game.
Was that in the late afternoon, evening? Was it before or after the
meeting of Bobby & Mike with Leo in the woods. (Damn good Coke Classic!
Wish I had taped the show though.)

All these temporal inconsistencies suggest to me that perhaps the 
speculation about One armed Mike & Killer Bob = Mike & Bob from the future
just might, and I repeat this not merely as a software engineer but as
a science fiction fan, just might be sniffing up the right trail.

Damn good Coke Classic.  Give me a Twinkie.