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Subject: Re: Mindless speculation about the killer (SPOILER?)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-04-22, 23:42

In article <262c1ff6.4ab3@petunia.CalPoly.EDU>, cerez@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU (Chet Erez) writes...

} Tim Maroney writes:

}} You've mentioned two of the main things indicting Leo -- he drives very
}} fast and his shirt was soaked with blood -- but missed a couple of
}} others.  One's obvious -- he obviously enjoys hurting women.  The other
}} -- the interior of his house has a lot of plastic wrap lying around,
}} apparently from unfinished improvements.

Good catch, Tim!

} I think the plastic is a significant clue.  I've read several blurbs
} where Lynch has said that there are clues if you look carefully enough.

Does the phrase "Everything means something, but not everything means
a lot" ring a bell?  After the three episodes so far, I'm convinced
despite his wretched adaptation of DUNE, that Lynch could do a film
adaptation of WATCHMEN.

} It could be that Laura visiting Jocelyn for "English lessons" was just
} a cover for something else.

Are Cooper and Truman being dense (Truman's excuse may be that he's
lovestruck, and Cooper may just be keeping it to himself), or does
Josie seem to be too damn familiar with English idiom to be someone
who needs English tutoring?

} Does anyone remember if the autopsy showed that she had "sex" with
} three people or if she was "raped" by three people?

The doctor's phraseology was that she had "sexual relations" with three
different men. There's no functional difference between "sex" and "rape"
in this type of situation. All they can tell is that the semen from
three different men was inside her. Unless there are obvious lacerations,
etc. in the genital area, I can't see as how they could determine whether
she was raped, or whether her death from blood loss from the numerous
small cuts -- or even the bruises from being bound at the wrists and
ankles -- happened after the sexual acts or in conjunction with it.

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