Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Murder to remain unsolved.
From: (Sean Schur)
Date: 1990-04-22, 06:28

In article <> (Timothy Dierks) writes:
>From the Chicago Tribune, Sat 4/21/90. Reprinted totally without permission.
> >
> >'Twin Peaks' to end with murder unsolved
> >
> >  Who killed Laura Palmer?  The question is on the minds of many viewers of
> >"Twin Peaks," the popular TV murder mystery by David Lynch and Mark Frost on
> >ABC.
> >  When the series ends its scheduled seven-week run, the killer of the Twin
> >Peaks high school student will remain unnamed.
> >
> >  This implies to me that there must be enough clues in the movie alone to
> >justify, if not prove, who the killer is.  Of course, they could always pick
> >a different killer for the movie-only version and for the TV series.  I'm
> >also confused how clues and action can unfold for 8 or 9 hours (does the 7
> >episodes include the movie or not?) and still not reveal the killer, yet
> >remain relevant.
> >  Does anyone know how many more episodes ABC has ordered?  And does anyone
> >have any idea if the murder will be solved at all (with another crime or
> >such to occupy further episodes) or if it will just keep on remaining unsolved,
> >yet still investigated?
> >

ABC has ordered more episodes for the fall. However, in an interview I
heard with Lynch on the radio he said the killer may never be revealed. He said
it isn't relevent to the series or the story. From what he said it appears he
intentds to continue by focusing on different events and people without ever
necessarily solving this crime. As a matter of fact, he stated that he would
love to do an entire TV series on the log lady alone! (She's his favorite

I think all this would follow most closely to all the speculation on this
news group about which avenue Lynch will most likely take to break the
convention of TV. The thing that would break convention to the highest degree
would be to not ever solve the mystery. And for all those people out there
getting ready to whine about not being given a pat answer to the mystery, 
think of the Prisoner and how it has survived over the years. Was that ever
solved in some pat conclusion? 

I think this all points to the fact that the European version will NEVER be
available. It is my understanding that he only did a closed ended version out
of contractual obligations in Europe. They aren't showing the series there,
they only have the tape. Since the entire series is being shown here there is
no reason to ever release the tape here. I think that will make that tape a
hot and much sought after item here in the U.S.

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