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Subject: Re: We are all missing the obvious
From: (Nija/Pwcca/Manitou)
Date: 1990-04-22, 04:33

In article <1990Apr21.005207.25355@uokmax.uucp>, gejohann@uokmax.uucp (Gene Edward Johannsen) writes:
> >We have all missed the obvious in the initial  conversation Pete (I think his
> >name was Pete) had with Truman when Pete found the body.
> >
> >He said, "She's dead."
> >
> >Not: "It's a dead body" or "Someone was murdered" but, "She's dead."
> >                                                        ---
> >Note:  Pete did not touch the body.
> >       The body was face down, and wrapped in opaque plastic.
> >How did Pete know the sex of the body?
  Well it was not totally opaque, it was semi-transparent. In fact, I think it
was supposed to be covered with dew. This is probably so that the network would
allow a naked dead body to be "seen" on national TV. It was pretty apparent to
ME, when the showed the body in the plastic, that it was female, even before
Pete went off to call the police. He didn't touch the body, but he looked at
it pretty closely...
> >Also, when Pete found the body, all he said (if memory serves.  I do not have 
> >the pilot on tape.) was "Oh my" as if he meant to say "oops".  To me this
> >implies that he at least knew that Laura had been murdered, but wanted to
> >cover his tracks after finding her washed up in front of his home.  He seems
> >like an excitable kind of guy who would be effected more by a body showing
> >up on his doorstep this way.
  I think his reaction is more part of his character than any sort of special
knowledge of the murder. It would be quite absurd for him to go call the sherrif
if he found the body and had been the murder. He would have instead pushed the
body back into the water or tried to dispose of it in some other way.
> >How did the fish get in the coffee?  Did he suddenly get nervous when the 
> >police showed up on his doorstep and accidentally drop it in there?
  I don't know, but I think the implication, in last weeks episode, was that
Catherine was responsible for putting it in the coffee... Or perhaps Pete is
just rather absent minded. He does seem to be slightly senile...
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