Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Random things
From: (Jon Conrad)
Date: 1990-04-23, 10:03

Is it coincidence, deliberate planning, or Mark Frost's HILL STREET
BLUES background?--will each episode always encompass one day?

The two hour pilot was Friday, dawn to midnight.
The first regular episode was Saturday, breakfast to evening.
The second episode picked up that same evening and carried through
Sunday into Sunday night.
The next episode will include the funeral, Monday (why the FBI forensics
team had to work so fast).

There was a definite continuity error in the "Sunday" episode.  I am
assuming that Lynch thought nobody would notice.  Oh ye of little
     Pete and Catherine are going to bed at the end of the show (hence,
Sunday night) and she asks him about "that agent who was here with the
sheriff today" and he mentions the fish incident and that they talked
mostly to Josie.
     But all of that happened on Saturday, as we saw!  It is clearly the
incident we witnessed, because (a) they wouldn't have a major
interrogation happen offscreen unacknowledged, (b) fish in the
percolator is not a daily occurrence.
     Lynch, or somebody, must have thought that Josie finding the two
sets of ledgers would make a better effect close to the end of the show,
rather than right at the start.  (I don't read in any deeper
significance than that.)  He reckoned without all us pedantic types!

The person who said that the pilot was "obviously pieced together from
several episodes, with commercial breaks in the wrong places" was way
off the mark.  The two-hour pilot WAS filmed as a separate movie, and
shown at film festivals as such (in Miami, for instance).  Lynch just
likes to fade to black now and then; it's especially helpful to have it
as part of the filming style since you'll be forced to do it for
commercials anyway.

I usually "zap" the commercials when taping a show.  I have to be
careful about that here, since I don't want to lose Lucy's station-break
lead-ins!  "Time for a donut and a cuppa joe!  We'll be right back."  A
different one every week, huh?

Two Bobbys and Mikes...what does it mean?  And what IS Mike's last name?

The announcement that the mystery would remain unsolved at series end is
not all that surprising.  If it were officially solved, Agent Cooper
would have to leave, and now that we've been picked up for the fall, it
would be suicidal to dump everybody's favorite character.  Do FBI agents
stay on the case forever, if they don't solve it?  They'll have to think
of SOMEthing.

One of the directors of future episodes is Caleb Deschanel, the superb
cinematographer (Black Stallion) and film director.  His wife Mary Jo
plays the mother in the wheelchair.  Lynch and Frost are getting unusual
people to do the job, not typical tv folk.