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Subject: Re: Ben and Jer with baguettes in their mouths
From: (Avi Belinsky)
Date: 1990-04-23, 15:14

In article <49fa5ac5.20b6d@apollo.HP.COM> dineen@apollo.HP.COM (Terence H Dineen) writes:
> >What did Ben say to Jer about what the French sandwiches
> >reminded him of?  He had his mouth full of butter, brie and bread.
> >[In the opening scene of Episode 3 (4/19)]
> >
As far as I can tell Ben says

"This reminds me of the time with (mumble) and (mumble) down by the river"
Jerry: (grunt)
B: Am I right?
J: (affirmtive grunt)

I'm pretty sure the mumbles are women's names.  Laura and Someone else

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