Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Episode 3 and Cooper's dream
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1990-04-23, 17:30

In article <1119@bullwinkle.UUCP>, chris@bullwinkle.UUCP (Chris Andersen
(The Dangerous Guy)) writes:
> > 
> > 
> > 	[ Flash Through: several short, almost subliminal, scenes:
> > 		Man (Bob) at the foot of the bed (from Laura's mom's visions)
> > 		Murder scene (lots of blood)
> > 		Laura's dead body ]

	These would definitely be subliminal without VCR to freeze

	I don't think the guy at the foot of the bloody bed was Bob;
	in fact I don't think he'd appeared before this.

	My recollection of sequencing might be off, but I think the
	next flash was of Laura's face, or rather her corpse's face.

	The murder scene (?) was odd.  It featured what looked something
	like an altar topped by a jaggedly cut slab of polished marble.
	In the middle was a mound, brilliant white at the top and
	blood red at the bottom.  It wasn't literally the box car
	with the mound of dirt, but perhaps it was the image of what
	the box car scene represented.

	So what does all this mean?  Beats me.  Could it just be what
	a Freudian would call Cooper's "day residues" flashing and
	fading into a more imaginative dream world?

Paul Raveling